Reincarnated? So what? by DeathVsLife236
Reincarnated? So what?by DeathVsLife236
Tanako Allison, a world renowned genius that is known for his age and inventions, though he hates the attention and wishes to be able to sleep and laze all he wants. Wha...
  • san
  • typical
  • bad-words-so-watch-out-4-that
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My Skilled Teaser Classmate by MineDyse
My Skilled Teaser Classmateby Mine Dyse
Hey uhh please welcome me as a newbie and this is my first ever story I've made. the story contains 20 chapters in it and the story is based on the anime I've watched bu...
  • japan
  • romcom
  • san
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Ateez Imagines and reactions by K-trash_Anjely
Ateez Imagines and reactionsby a_kpop_enthusiast
There's not a lot of these and I'm obsessed with these guys so I decided to make one myself. Please enjoy ✨✨✨ ? Imagines ? Reactions ? Series ? MTL's
  • kqfellaz
  • wooyoung
  • jongho
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♡Afterdeath Sin♡ one-shots by Shipper_Exe
♡Afterdeath Sin♡ one-shotsby Lani sama
Ya ready for some GaY sInNfIc lol plz help meh
  • afterdeath
  • undertale
  • reaper
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[Khải Nguyên ver.]Trộm thê (Song tính) by khainguyenquotes
[Khải Nguyên ver.]Trộm thê (Song Khải Nguyên Quotes House's
[Warning: Truyện có yếu tố nhạy cảm là #boylove cùng #H¬_văn chống chỉ định với các thành phần, đặc biệt là đàn ông mang thai hoặc đang cho con bú] Tác giả: Nhiễm Nhĩ Ed...
  • san
  • vân
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Teasing is a Game by TeaseAllAtOnce
Teasing is a Gameby |RkTease|
A sequel of the most shipped anime couple of winter, Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san with Nishikata and other characters!
  • nishikata
  • romance
  • teasing
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Reckless • kenneth san jose by httpxlew
Reckless • kenneth san joseby rina ✨
He cared, she didn't. He cried, she laughed. He was hurt, she smiled. He moved on.... she realized. [THIS WAS MY FIRST SO WHAT DO YOU EXPECT, AND YEAH THIS IS KINDA CRAP...
  • kennethsanjose
  • kian
  • love
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Takagi-san's Dark Day by TyphoonSan
Takagi-san's Dark Dayby 台風さん
Takagi and Nishikata have a very healthy and happy relationship after three years of secret crush to each other. This happened few months after their love confession. Ho...
  • fanfiction
  • wattys2018
  • horrorromance
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"Dream" {Book 1} •Complete• by lolilolRS
"Dream" {Book 1} •Complete•by Tyvan is best ship
this is a story about Karamatsu.. He is the 2nd eldest and he has 1 older brother and 4 younger brothers. They have been treating karamatsu the way they SHOULDNT have. A...
  • karamatsu
  • san
  • angsty
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The Underground Battle by fade_away21
The Underground Battleby Crystal Villagrana
"It's just hip hop." Okasian says, blowing a puff of smoke from his lips. The Cohort is a group of rappers consisting of Okasian, Keith Ape, Kohh, Loota, and...
  • adult
  • keith
  • kpop
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Forgotten Memories (On-Going) by Janah_17
Forgotten Memories (On-Going)by Scarlet_17
Paano kung ang isang celebrity na Local at ALMOST an International na singer-actress ay biglang maglaho? or worst ang akala nila ay patay na siya. Paano naman kung bigla...
  • kyline
  • frencheskafarr
  • japs
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Lips that Lie (A SharDon Fanfiction) by imnotkorina
Lips that Lie (A SharDon Momshie K
Amid the lies, deceptions and wrath, will she ever have the love and happiness she deserves?
  • tagalog
  • love
  • pedro
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Bleach: Spade's Journey by ClausTheMaskedMan
Bleach: Spade's Journeyby Claus The Masked Man
(Brief Disclaimer:This is Both an AU of Bleach and a Fanfiction with some of My OCs okay, Okay Carry on) okay so I wanted to Pay Homage to my Favorite Anime growing up a...
  • niji
  • kurosaki
  • ichi
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Another Chance (KaraIchiAU) by Bonkers_Samurai
Another Chance (KaraIchiAU)by Bonkers_Samurai
Karamatsu and Ichimatsu have been married since they were of age, but ten years into the marriage they grew apart and divorced. Karamatsu's sister refuses to let them ma...
  • blmatsu
  • ichimatsuxkaramatsu
  • mrosomatsu
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How can I love when I'm afraid (Ichi x Mich) by SpaceFace_34
How can I love when I'm afraid ( SpaceFace_34
WARNING OC X CANON Mich va a un neko cafe cerca de su casa donde ocurriran los cambios menos esperados en su vida SpaceFace_34
  • san
  • osomatsu
  • ichimatsu
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Faulty Hearts (K.S.J Kenneth San Jose fanfic) by Anon-dude
Faulty Hearts (K.S.J Kenneth San Anon
Shannel Ramona Faye C. (Coley) Gritz, a 14-year-old girl with a deceased mom and an abusive father. Causing her to having to move in with her Aunt May in LA. New Life, n...
  • love
  • kenneth
  • ksj
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Nhân Tướng Học by giangdusan
Nhân Tướng Họcby Giang Du San
Tướng cách
  • san
  • hoc
  • giang
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lost  by uwuyoung
lost by bee - ❞
[ ateez / kqfellaz ] " where the fuck is junyoung ? " kim hong joong knows he isn't crazy, but one fine day in the middle of february he begins to think he's l...
  • yunho
  • kpop
  • yeosang
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You, me and symphony of love by lovely_ash_3182
You, me and symphony of loveby LOVELY ASH
San and Grillby have been close friend for a long time. But Sans doesn't know that Grillby has a crush on him. Well...Why don't you read and find out what will happen be...
  • undertalefanfic
  • yaoiundertale
  • grillby
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From Me to You (A SharDon FanFic) by fairy_on_acid
From Me to You (A SharDon FanFic)by Ria
"Hindi ako sanay." "Na ano?" "Na hindi kita nakikita."
  • myx
  • sharlene
  • pangilinan
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