Truly, Madly, Deeply- a Devakshi story. by Dhoopa2017
Truly, Madly, Deeply- a Devakshi Dhoopa2017
Sonakshi and Dev meet after five years of splitting up when Sona asks him for a divorce so she can get ahead with her life. What does it take for love to blossom in hard...
  • couple
  • setindia
  • california
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♡Afterdeath Sin♡ one-shots by Shipper_Exe
♡Afterdeath Sin♡ one-shotsby Lann sama
Ya ready for some GaY sInNfIc lol plz help meh
  • afterdeath
  • geno
  • undertale
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My Kind Of Crazy (book 5) by lala1333
My Kind Of Crazy (book 5)by lala1333
Since day one they were destined to be married. At seven years old the two best friends were split apart when Ryder has to move. Ten years later he is back. Harper just...
  • party
  • sisters
  • boy
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Teasing is a Game by TeaseAllAtOnce
Teasing is a Gameby |RkTease|
A sequel of the most shipped anime couple of winter, Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san with Nishikata and other characters!
  • schooltime
  • manga
  • nishikata
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Arranged Marriage To Mr PLAYBOY (SHARDON FANFICTION COMPLETED) by andocristy29
Arranged Marriage To Mr PLAYBOY ( Grashell Joy Dela Cruz Ando
Ma-arranged? Sa taong Hindi mo mahal! Masakit kaya? Pero paano kung mamahalin ko siya? Kaso nga lang plaboy siya. Masasaktan kaya ako? -Sharlene San Pedro
  • sharlene
  • sharlenesanpedro
  • donnypangilinan
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My Skilled Teaser Classmate by FakeWriterU
My Skilled Teaser Classmateby Ryu
Hey uhh please welcome me as a newbie and this is my first ever story I've made. the story contains 20 chapters in it and the story is based on the anime I've watched bu...
  • takagi
  • manga
  • fanfiction
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Ateez Imagines and reactions by K-trash_Anjely
Ateez Imagines and reactionsby a_kpop_enthusiast
There's not a lot of these and I'm obsessed with these guys so I decided to make one myself. Please enjoy ✨✨✨ 🌼 Imagines 🌼 Reactions 🌼 Series 🌼 MTL's
  • mingi
  • hongjoong
  • shiber
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[Khải Nguyên ver.]Trộm thê (Song tính) by khainguyenquotes
[Khải Nguyên ver.]Trộm thê (Song Khải Nguyên Quotes House's
[Warning: Truyện có yếu tố nhạy cảm là #boylove cùng #H¬_văn chống chỉ định với các thành phần, đặc biệt là đàn ông mang thai hoặc đang cho con bú] Tác giả: Nhiễm Nhĩ Ed...
  • san
  • như
  • sog=ng
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Lips that Lie (A SharDon Fanfiction) by imnotkorina
Lips that Lie (A SharDon Momshie K
Amid the lies, deceptions and wrath, will she ever have the love and happiness she deserves?
  • san
  • love
  • tagalog
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KQ FELLAZ (ATEEZ) PROFILE by ghostchip07
ATEEZ (에이티즈) formerly known as KQ Fellaz, is a 8-member group under KQ Entertainment. The group includes: Hongjoong, Seonghwa, Yunho, Yeosang, San, Mingi, Wooyoung, and...
  • ateez
  • wooyoung
  • 에이티즈
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Our promise (Osomatsu San x reader fanfic!) by xXakaringoXx
Our promise (Osomatsu San x xXakaringoXx
You're a shy, introverted girl, who didnt have that much self confidence and socialization. And finally in your 20's (or19) you decided to move and began living alone! Y...
  • fappymatsu
  • anime
  • fluff
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Ateez imagines and reactions Pt. 2 by K-trash_Anjely
Ateez imagines and reactions Pt. 2by a_kpop_enthusiast
Check out the first book if you haven't!
  • yunho
  • mingi
  • seonghwa
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Sanscest One shot by 20ACgirl
Sanscest One shotby Sugar Senpai~
Request are open. Ask away 😃😊 (Edit: I took out sin so now this is just a fluff book. I might change it again though :l)
  • undertale
  • ships
  • fluff
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Run Away by xLittlexDreamsx
Run Awayby Em
Chloe runs away with her little sister from her parents, and heads on an adventure to New York. There's drama, tears, fear and love, all on one journey. Nobody said is...
  • run
  • teenage
  • michigan
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Tougou is Back by littleseapig
Tougou is Backby Writer & Illustrator
A man named Tougou stayed with the Matsunos for a brief period of time. They all enjoyed his company, he seemed too nice for his own good. That is, until 10-year-old Oso...
  • osomatsu
  • ichimatsu
  • kun
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Welcome to San Francisco by Diop59
Welcome to San Franciscoby Someone. ❄
Clara, jeune française, va emménager à San Francisco pour poursuivre ses études et découvrir la ville qui a vu naître son père. Plutôt bonne élève, elle s'est construite...
  • amour
  • mystère
  • san
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Memy ATEEZ od A do Z  ☽ by mijoojin
Memy ATEEZ od A do Z ☽by 🌼 gaho's flower 🌼
Serdecznie zapraszam na 3 książkę poświęconą zespołowi ATEEZ. Tym razem przybywam z memami poświęconymi temu zespołowi. PS. Wybaczcie czasami moje niezrozumiałe poczucie...
  • kpop
  • asian
  • smieszne
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Awaiting Tomorrow | ATEEZ | KQ Fellaz by Kk_sarang
Awaiting Tomorrow | ATEEZ | KQ blub_blub_
*ATEEZ* 8 guys in high school go through a lot when they meet Sora. Whether it is good or bad, There will be love and hate, but at the end of the day, it's always Sora'...
  • kdrama
  • yunho
  • kqfellaz
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Ichimatsu X Reader // How it feels to be loved // OneShot Book by milkysyringe
Ichimatsu X Reader // How it posting whenever i feel like...
Ichimatsu Matsuno (Osomatsu-san) X Female!Reader OneShots Rating: Fluff, Trigger Warnings in some chapters. stories by me characters by Fujio Akatsuka
  • matsunoichimatsu
  • osomatsusan
  • ichimatsuxreader
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Whatsapp (ATEEZ) by WoW_24u
Whatsapp (ATEEZ)by WoW_24u
Chats grupales (Ficticios obviamente xd) sobre el grupo que está por debutar: ATEEZ
  • shibber
  • yeosang
  • fellaz
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