Forgive Me Part 2 *M*

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Yeosang and Jongho walked home holding hands. They both knew they were too drunk to drive, plus it just prolonged their time together.

When they got to Yeosang's apartment, they both went to the bedroom immediately and fell into bed, their limbs intertwining. It felt so good to have someone laying with him. Yeosang leaned forward and kissed Jongho, savoring the way his soft lips seemed to fit perfectly with his own.


"Yeah baby?"

"I love you." Yeosang whispered.

The younger hummed in response and tightened his hold on Yeosang. The two of them fell asleep, not noticing Yeosang's phone buzzing on the nightstand.





Wooyoung dialed Yeosang over and over, begging for him to pick up. He didn't know where his friend had disappeared to, but he needed him now.

He had managed to find a corner booth to hide in, ducking under the table and scooting as far back as he could. He winced as his skin stretched, reminding him of all the hickey's the stranger had left on him before he had managed to vanish into the crowd.

"Please Sangie, please pick up. Where are you?" His hands shook as he typed up a quick text to send to the other.

He heard voices nearby and froze. Several people passed by the table.

Thinking quickly, Wooyoung dialed one of his other friends. It took three times for him to pick up. "What?" He sounded angry.

"Y-Yunho?" Wooyoung whispered, working hard not to cry.

"What's wrong?" Yunho said, all anger gone from his voice.

"I'm in trouble and I can't find Yeosang. I..." Wooyoung was cut off by someone reaching under the table and grabbing his ankle to pull him out. He screamed but dropped his phone in the process.

"There you are baby." The man snarled, gripping the front of Wooyoung's shirt. "Why are you hiding from me? I want to play." He leaned forward and licked the others jaw, causing him to whimper. He pushed him until Wooyoung's back was against a wall, grinding his hips roughly.

The man moved one hand to squeeze the younger's forearm hard enough he was sure there would be bruises there, while the other hand started traveling up his shirt.

"P-Please, I don't want this." Wooyoung said weakly, trying to push the other away from him.

"Don't lie to me, slut. Your dancing said otherwise. How about we go back to my place? We can dance all night long." The man laughed darkly and started dragging Wooyoung to the door by the collar of his shirt again.

"No!" Wooyoung searches the room again for his best friend. Or anyone who might help him. Everyone was in their own world.

When they got outside, he twisted himself away from the man, ripping his shirt open in the process but it was enough to get him out of the man's grasp. He stumbled forward, working hard to keep his balance while trying to get away.

"Get back here!" The man called, catching up easily. He grabbed Wooyoung again and picked him up, easily throwing the younger over his shoulder.

"Put me down!" Wooyoung screamed, pounding his fists into the man's back. "Someone please help me!"

The man snarled and slapped his hand against Wooyoung's thigh, making him yelp in pain. "Stop struggling, you'll only make this worse for yourself."

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