Forgive Me Part 1 *M*

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All he wanted to do was forget. He didn't feel like he was asking for too much. He just wanted to forget everything about his past and get a new, clean slate.

But life didn't work that way.

And now he was watching his ex-boyfriend grind himself against some stranger on the dance floor.

Yeosang did his best to keep a straight face on and not look at the floor. He was supposed to be here with his best friend, enjoying a night out on the town. Wooyoung had invited him out to get is mind off the breakup.

"I'm sorry. Do you want to go?" Wooyoung shouted at him over the music. "I didn't realize he'd be here."

"No, it's fine. He can do whatever the hell he wants." Yeosang yelled back before taking another shot.

Wooyoung bit his lip and glanced over the other's shoulder, watching as someone who used to be friends shamelessly flaunted himself in front of other. Ever since the split, things had been tense with their group of friends, but Wooyoung hand known Yeosang longer, so his loyalty rested with him.

"Let's dance!" Yeosang said, throwing back one more shot and then pulled Wooyoung to the opposite side of the dance floor. He was obviously wasted, because he got extremely touchy with the younger.

If he was being honest, though, Wooyoung didn't mind. Feeling the way Yeosang's hands grabbed his waist made his heart pound. He lifted his arms and wrapped them around the older's neck, pulling them closer together so their hips touched.

Yeosang smirked at him and started swaying back and forth. The friction felt amazing. He could tell the alcohol was getting to him, and it just made him want more. He thrusted his hips forward, drawing the motion out, and watched as Wooyoung gasped and bit his lip. "Do you like that?" He leaned forward and whispered into the other's ear before nibbling on it.

Wooyoung whimpered a little, then tilted his head to rub his cheek against the other. "I love it, Sangie." He said, continuing the motion and then turned so his back was pressed against Yeosang's chest. He let his head fall back onto the other's shoulder and brought his hands up so they were clasped behind Yeosang's head.

The older growled and wrapped his arms around Wooyoung's stomach, grinding against his ass.

The music washed over them and they continued this action to the beat of the song. Sweat soon started to run down their foreheads and backs. The dance floor was getting more and more crowded.

"Look at you two sluts, putting on a show." A stranger said, moving up to stand in front of Wooyoung. His eyes narrowed with lust as he moved forward, placing his hands on the others hips and pressing himself against him.

Wooyoung didn't know how to react. It was like Yeosang didn't even notice that he was now sandwiched between two guys. He tried to pull away, but the stranger gripped him harder. "What's the matter, baby? You've been dancing like this for over an hour now." The stranger smirked then gripped Wooyoung's jaw and kissed him hard.

He was so distracted and scared that he didn't feel the presence behind him disappear, leaving him alone in the hands of the other man...

If fact, someone else had pulled Yeosang away. There was so much commotion that he had a hard time seeing who it was. But the hand who gripped him held onto him tight.

When they reached a dark corner, he was slammed into the wall, two hands placed on either side of his head. "What the hell do you think you're doing?"

Yeosang opened his mouth to answer, but was cut off when the man pressed his lips against his. He immediately melted. The kiss felt like home.

When the other pulled back, Yeosang felt dizzy. "J-Jongho? What are you doing?"

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