Seonghwa/Yeosang - The Right Choice *M**Request*

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Hello my loves!! I'm back with another request from my girl squidster97!!

I love this one so much, and I tried really hard to make it extra steamy for my lovely readers so I hope you enjoy!!

All my love


"Yeosang, would you hurry up already? We're doing this for you." San yelled after pounding on the bathroom door.

"Yeah I'll be out in a minute..." The older called back before returning to staring at himself in the mirror. He expected to see a happy, vibrant, and in love Yeosang staring back at him.

Instead, all he saw was pain and confusion.

His friends were taking him out for his bachelor party today. He was getting married in a week.

But he didn't want to get married anymore...

Yeosang had been in love with his fiancé once upon a time. But that love faded away as a love for alcohol slowly replaced Yeosang. He had promised to change and proposed right there. Foolishly, Yeosang had said yes, hoping his love would help with the change.

It didn't... But now he didn't know what to do.

His parents loved his fiancé and didn't know that he had started drinking again, so they would be very disappointed if Yeosang called off the wedding.

Everything was already paid for... Including the honeymoon to Las Vegas. Biggest drinking location and money waster Yeosang could think of... They hadn't even talked about going to any shows while they were there. Just the casinos.

Yeosang sighed then narrowed his eyes before slapping his cheeks a couple of times as if he could nap himself out of his stupor. This is the life he had signed up for. He had no right to complain now.

He straightened his shirt, then his hair, and left the bathroom after plastering a wide smile on his face. It was the smile that could fool anyone into thinking he was ok. "Ok, I'm ready!" He cheered.

His friends turned to him with a wide smile and dragged him out of the house.

Hongjoong and Jongho had found a local strip club that had just started up a couple of weeks ago, so they were able to get the VIP booth there to celebrate Yeosang's upcoming wedding in style.

Mingi and Yunho had ordered a limo, getting a discount since Mingi's dad owned the company, and San and Wooyoung had found the... Party favors that Yeosang only agreed to wear to please them.

The penis necklace he wore around his neck just left him blushing like crazy, as did the crown they put on his head.

They had even bought him a sash. At least they were nice and didn't make it hot pink, but still...

Shaking his head, Yeosang banished the negative thoughts. They were all just trying to do something nice for him. He couldn't fault them for that. It wasn't their fault that he really didn't want to get married anymore, so celebrating it wasn't at the top of his list anymore.

Pounding music could be heard from the street as they pulled up in front of the club and hopped out of the limo. Since they had reserved a table, they could skip the line that was forming outside, and after a quick ID check they were inside.

Yeosang had to admit that the place was impressive. It was dark, but still light enough that you could see clearly. The décor had an alluring theme to it too that drew him in. The stage at the front of the room was huge, and there were already both male and female strippers twirling around poles.

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