Jongho/Yunho - After Class *M**Request*

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Hello my Atiny's! I'm super excited to bring you this one shot. It's my first request with Jongho and another member! This one came from the lovely lemonadedispenserXXX , I hope you enjoy!!!!

Yunho rolled his neck as stretched his arms. He looked around at the other students around him. All of them looked just as anxious as he felt.

It was their first mixed martial arts class. And he felt so much better knowing he wasn't the only one who was taking this class at his age. A lot of parents liked to sign their kids up for these classes at a young age, so he had been embarrassed to sign up at first.

But after he had nearly been robbed a few days ago, Yunho felt the need to learn how to protect himself. He still had the bruises from where he had been beaten. If it wasn't for a couple walking by, who knows what would have happened...

He sighed and shook his head, bouncing on the balls of his feet. It would never happen again.

The door in the corner opened and a boy about his age walked in with his hands behind his class. "Line up!" He said, projecting his voice across the room.

The class came forward to stand on a line that had been painted across the floor. Their instructor stopped and studied the line. His blue-grey eyes lingered on Yunho a few seconds longer than the rest, but he might have just imagined it.

"My name is Choi Jongho. I will be your instructor during this class. You will refer to me a Sir. I expect your respect and I will not hesitate to dismiss you if needed."

Yunho felt a chill go down his spine at the commanding voice. He eyed Jongho, letting his eyes wander over his body. It was obvious that he worked out every day because damn, those arms... He felt himself lick his lips and then his eyes widened in shock at what he just did.

He shook his head quickly then focused on what Jongho started to teach them.

Jongho was a great instructor. He took them through each step, form by form, and would come by to examine each one of them and make any corrections necessary. It was obvious that he loved teaching.

And he would do it for every class. There were two classes a week for as long as people had wanted to sign up for.

There was one point that Jongho was helping one of the girls in the class while everyone else took a break. A few others had gathered around to watch. Yunho watched as Jongho placed his hands on the girl's hips and twisted them a little. His lips formed a little pout as he spoke to her and Yunho had to look away.

He didn't understand why, but the thought of Jongho touched a girl like that hurt. It figures that the first guy he was attracted to in a long time was straight.

But it didn't stop him from dedicating himself to the class. He did his best to perfect the moves and even started staying after class to practice.

One night after class was dismissed, Yunho stayed in place as everyone else left to carry on with their lives and stepped closer to the mirror and slowly eased himself into one of the more complicated forms from that day's lesson.

"You need to twist your arm a little more."

Yunho jumped and spun around to see Jongho watching him. The shorter flashed him a crooked smile as he walked over, dropping his gym bag on the floor. He approached the taller and motioned for him to get into the form again.

He obliged and Jongho grasped his arm and gently twisted it. "Tense, hold it steady." He said as that cute pout came to his lips again whenever he concentrated on something. Yunho felt his heart race and Jongho dragged his hands down his arm, applying pressure to see how much his muscles were. "Good. Now the next one."

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