Seonghwa - His World *M**Request*

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StrayArmy0327 ....... This one is for you lovely!


Seonghwa studied the dining table. Everything had to be perfect. He checked the time. 5 minutes.

His heart started racing.

She would be here in five minutes! He ran into the kitchen and started bringing out the plates of food, wanting everything to be ready and waiting. She wasn't one to be late.

And, right now queue, the doorbell rang twice.

He stood and took a few deep breaths, straightening out his shirt and fixing his hair, before walking to the door.

When he opened it, time stopped.

There she was, smiling up at him. His Marie. His perfect angel.

"Hey Beautiful." He said, pulling her into a hug.

She giggled and wrapped her arms around him. "Hi."

"How was your day?" He glanced down at her, not wanting to let her go, and let a thumb rub across her cheek.

"Agonizingly long." Marie pouted a little and buried her face in his chest. He chuckled and kissed the top of her head.

"Well you're here now. Dinner is ready."

"Great! I'm famished!" She placed her hands on her stomach right as it let out a little grumbling sound. They both started laughing and he took her hand, leading her into the dining room.

Seonghwa pulled out her seat and tucked her into the table. He then served her up a plate of the food he had spent the last few hours preparing before serving up one for himself.

He watched as her eyes lit up after taking the first bite, and she started to obsess over how good his cooking was. Waving her off, he blushed and told her it wasn't that impressive, but she complemented him at least five more times as they ate.

When dinner started to wind down, he felt himself start to get nervous. They had big plans tonight, one that they had agreed on together, and he didn't want to mess it up.

"May I use the bathroom?" Marie asked, her voice soft.

"Of course, you don't need to ask Sweetie." He said as he cleared the table.

"Don't spend too much time cleaning up." She winked at him then vanished around the corner.

Seonghwa gulped and stared at where she had just been standing. He had to shake his head rapidly to bring himself under control, but he definitely cleared the table faster than normal. Dishes started to stack up in the sink, but he would get to that later.

He turned to his bedroom and bit his lip as his heart started pounding. Marie could still be heard in the bathroom, so he ducked into his room and started lighting a few candles. He also turned on some soft music, hoping this all didn't seem too overly cheesy. But he still wanted it to be perfect for her.

She had told him it was her first time. He wanted it to be memorable, not like his where it was some fling from a drunken high school party.

No, Marie deserved the world. And he wanted to show her that she meant everything to him.

As he took one last scan of the room, he heard her clear her throat behind him.

He turned and was pretty sure he felt his heart stop.

Marie was standing in front of the closed her, blushing furiously, wearing a matching black lingerie set. She bit her lip as she looked at him. "What do you think?" Her voice was timid as she waited for his approval.

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