San/Wooyoung - One Night *M**Request*

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Here is another request for everyone! This one does deal with mpreg, so if you aren't comfortable with that then you don't have to read it <3   @squidster97 I hope you enjoy!!

Music shook the house as the senior class enjoyed one of their last night's together before graduating. People danced, drank, and played games. They tried to enjoy the most of this time and say goodbye to friends and gave promises of staying in touch while away at college.

All but two.

In a spare bedroom upstairs, a red and black haired boy had a smaller blonde boy pinned against the wall. He dragged his lips down the other's bare chest, stopping to suckle one of his hard buds.

"A-ah! San!" The smaller moaned, letting his head fall against the wall while his fingers dug into San's back.

"You taste so good, Wooyoung. How have we not done this before?" The older gasped between his kisses, then he reached down and wrapped his hand around the younger's hard length, stroking it gently.

"B-Because you're pop-ular and, and I'm n-not!" Wooyoung gasped, then whimpered as San picked up the pace.

San just grunted, not thrilled with the answer. He grabbed the younger's waist and twirled them around so that he was pinned to the bed. He still stroked the other's member, teasing him.

Wooyoung bucked his hips at the feeling and reached up to pull San into another kiss, loving the feeling of being dominated by one of the most popular guys in school. He ran his hands through San's hair, locking his head in place.

The older plunged his tongue into Wooyoung's mouth, running it over every surface he could reach. Then he thrust it in and out, making the younger whimper with pleasure. He tasted so sweet, he still couldn't believe they hadn't done this yet.

Wooyoung's whimpers started to get higher in pitch as San pumped him faster. He broke the kiss and started sucking long and hard on different parts of the blonde's neck.

"S-San! I'm..." Wooyoung tried to get out, but it was too late. He cried out as San continued to stroke him, forcing his seed to spray all over the other's hand and his own chest.

"That's it baby." San purred, kissing Wooyoung's neck and chest. He eyed the darkening marks all over the other's body and felt himself get turned on even more if that was possible. "My turn."

Wooyoung tensed as San continued to kiss his way down his body, eagerly awaiting what came next. The older placed a few kisses on his semi-hard member, waking it back up, then he pushed himself up and gathered up Wooyoung's seed, using it as a lube.

"W-Wait. You don't have a condom?" Wooyoung asked, his eyes widening.

San scoffed. "No. I wasn't planning on doing this. Why? You're not a carrier, are you?" His eyes narrowed.

"I d-don't think so. I've never been tested, b-but no one in my family has been." Wooyoung blushed as he saw San smirk and line up his member.

San pushed forward, too anxious to prep the other. Besides, he liked it better this way. Tight. As he entered the younger, he leaned forward to kiss him, hoping it would comfort him a little bit. Wooyoung clung to him, whimpering in pain.

Wooyoung loved it though. And he needed more. He rocked his hips, letting San know he was ok.

The older didn't hesitate. He pulled out and quickly rammed back into Wooyoung, causing his to whimper in pain again, but his face twisted with pleasure. "G-God Wooyoung, you feel so good!" San moaned out as he picked up the pace.

Feeling himself getting close, Wooyoung bit his lip and placed his hands on top of San's where they squeezed his hips.

San almost hesitated, loving the look on the younger's face, but they were both too close. So instead, he started going as fast as he could. After a few more thrusts, Wooyoung cried out as he came all over their chests and San groaned as he unloaded inside the younger.

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