Wooyoung/Mingi - Forbidden Love *M**Request*

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Hey Atiny's! Here is my first official request! I was so excited to do this; I just couldn't wait!

I'm posting this one a little different, so please let me know if you prefer the One-Shot to be all one section, or if you prefer it to be broken up like I did with my first one! This is over 4,000 words, so it's a long one.

As always, votes and comments are appreciated and please don't hesitate to message me if you have a request <3

@jinjin0309 this is for you!

Novi is a land much like ours, but slightly different. Kings and Queens still rule, the land has been divided. War rages on. Knights are hero's in the eyes of the public. But the biggest difference is the fact that relationships are not just between a man and a woman. Here anyone can love anyone, and anyone has the ability to bare children. So, in turn, Kings and Queens work to find proper matches for their children, someone suitable to help rule their kingdom and carry on the bloodline...

Wooyoung grumbled as he shuffled his way into the throne room. His father was waiting to announce the new guard who would be babysitting him. He had managed to get rid of the previous three, but that didn't stop his father from trying.

The king hated that his son liked to sneak out of the castle and party with the townsfolk.

Wooyoung saw it as a bonding moment. Sure, none of them knew he was actually their prince, but what did that matter? He was 'getting out amongst the people'.

But noooo, he had to stay in the palace walls at all times.

He cursed and let his head fall back in frustration. He was a prisoner here, all because a neighboring kingdom had threatened them.

When he walked into the throne room, his father was seated at the end of the hall, golden crown on his head and back straight. He looked angry.

Wooyoung marched forward and bowed quickly. "You wanted to see me, Father?"

"You're late." When Wooyoung didn't respond, he sighed and dragged his hand over his face. "Wooyoung, I need you to take your responsibilities as Crown Prince seriously. I won't be around forever. But I have a new personal guard for you. This is Mingi."

An extremely tall man stepped forward and bowed low to Wooyoung. When he stood straight, Wooyoung had to admit he was rather handsome. For a knight. He had broad shoulders, toned muscles, and narrowed eyes that showed a few laugh lines at the edges. All accented by the shiny armor bestowed on a man or woman when they are knighted.

Maybe this knight wouldn't be too bad after all. If he liked to laugh, then maybe, just maybe, they could get along.

"It's nice to meet you, Mingi. I'm sorry you are stuck watching over me every hour of the day." Wooyoung could feel his father glaring at him. "Shall we?" He turned and left the room without another word to the king.

Mingi followed him, staying silent and keeping a respectful distance.

"How did you get roped into this job?" Wooyoung asked after a little bit. When the knight didn't answer him, he stopped and raised an eyebrow. "Strong and silent type, eh?"

Mingi blinked at him, an almost blank look crossing his face.

"You know, this isn't going to be very much fun if you don't talk to me." Wooyoung said pouting a little.

He watched the giant fight a smile before he spoke, "I volunteered."

Damn... His voice is gorgeous. Wooyoung felt his stomach flip for a moment and he had to work hard to keep a straight face.

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