Woosan - Pierce My Heart *M**Request*

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I love that I can do this again.... I hope you enjoy @jinjin0309! I love your requests so much! Your support keeps me going and makes me want to work even harder ;) Fighting!

Wooyoung chewed on the inside of lip as he stared at his computer screen. He scrolled through picture after picture looking for the right one. It had to be perfect since it was going to be permanent.

The door opened behind him. "Hey man, are you ready yet?"

"Yeah, yeah. I'm ready Seonghwa." Wooyoung clicked on one picture he liked, sent it to the printer, and ran to the older's car that was already running.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" Seonghwa said, turning to him and raising an eyebrow.

Wooyoung shivered when he heard the other start to sweep his tongue ring across his teeth. "Yes, I'm sure."

The older smirked and kept driving.

They arrived at a small tattoo studio tucked in the corner of a run-down strip mall. Wooyoung eyed it nervously. The outside looked horrible. It almost made him want to go home, but Seonghwa's boyfriend ran the place so he didn't want to be rude.

He followed his friend inside and watched as he immediately approached his tall man, kissing him instantly. Wooyoung rolled his eyes and studied the sample artwork on the walls while he waited for them to stop sucking each other's faces off.

"So, you're Wooyoung?" Mingi's deep voice said from behind him. "Seonghwa's told me a lot about you." He hugged the shorter from behind and smiled at Wooyoung.

He seemed friendly enough. Wooyoung smiled and bowed his head. "Likewise. It's nice to finally meet you Mingi."

"So. You're here for some ink, yeah? Well I'm supposed to give Seonghwa another piercing, because he's addicted, but if you want to flip through that brown binder there, that's the other artist here. He's free if you like his work, or you can wait for me. Up to you kid." Mingi winked at him and pulled Seonghwa into a side room.

Wooyoung grimaced, thinking that more than just a piercing was probably happening there. Then he turned and flipped through the notebook. His eyes widened in surprise. Everything was actually very well done and unique.

"Like what you see?"

Wooyoung's head snapped up to see someone walking out of the backroom. He faltered when he realized just how good looking the other was. He had slightly wavy blonde hair that he kept brushed slightly to the side of his eyes. "Y-Yeah. Um, Mingi said you were free to do a tattoo?"

"I sure am. What were you think of doing?" He smiled and tilted his head, revealing a set of adorable dimples.

Wooyoung's breath caught in his throat as he scrambled to pull out the picture.

"Hmm, interesting." The other raised an eyebrow and looked at him.

"It's for my grandma. Hummingbirds were her favorite, she had so many feeders in her yard. She passed a few months ago..." Wooyoung bit his lip, suddenly feeling embarrassed.

"I'm sorry for your loss." The other's tone suddenly changed. Wooyoung could hear the genuine concern and empathy in it. "Do you want this exact picture?"

"Well, actually, I love your work, so... If you wanted to, you know, take a creative spin on it I'd be ok with that."

"Wonderful. I'm San, by the way." He held out his hand.


"Come with me." San didn't let go of his hand and pulled him into the back. "Where were you thinking about putting this, baby?"

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