Wooyoung/Jongho - Tutor *Request*

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Whaaaaaat? Double update?? Yes indeed! Here's another request from the lovely jinjin0309! Thank you so much for all the support you've given me <3

Jongho grumbled as he looked at the student board in front of him. A tutor was the last thing he wanted, but his parents said that if he didn't start doing better in class then they would pull his tuition. So here was, looking at all the advertisements for tutors.

There was one tucked under all the others, so that's the phone number he pulled, hoping that person wouldn't be too busy.

He texted the number and they set up a meeting time. The café on campus at 3 o'clock. That was fifteen minutes from now so Jongho decided to just head over.

It was packed as usual, but he managed to find a booth in the corner and started pulling out his books.

"Jongho?" A soft voice said from next to him. Jongho looked up and felt his stomach flip at the sight. There was no way this incredibly cute, but sexy, boy was his tutor. He had to work to keep his mouth closed as he nodded his head.

"Hi! I'm Wooyoung!" The boy smiled and ran his hand through his silvery hair. "It's nice to meet you! What do you want to start with?"

"U-Uh, history I guess. That's the next class I have a test it." Jongho muttered, suddenly feeling embarrassed.

Wooyoung smiled at him and easily went into his lesson, expertly explaining everything he could about the subject. Jongho was impressed that he knew so much about it, but was even more impressed by how good he was able to explain things to him.

Math was the next one, and for the first time in his life, Jongho actually understood a complex equation. Wooyoung would clap loudly whenever Jongho got a question right, too, adding to his pleasure and slight embarrassment.

"You're really good at this." Jongho said after they had finished for the day.

"Thanks, I've always enjoyed helping others. When do you want to meet again? I know we didn't get to all of your classes yet."

Jongho felt himself blushing at the thought of seeing him again. "Maybe tomorrow? I'm free after 4."

"Perfect. Shall we meet here again?"

The younger nodded quickly, causing Wooyoung to laugh and wiggle his fingers as he waved goodbye.

Jongho placed a hand over his beating heart and tried to take a few deep breaths. He was in so much trouble...

The met almost every day for two weeks. Wooyoung would help prep Jongho for his midterms, creating flashcards and fake quizzes to give him. It was frustrating and there were a few times Jongho wanted to give up and storm off, but Wooyoung was really good at calming him down and helping him to see the problem in a different way.

There was one point that Jongho had gotten three math questions in a row wrong that he slammed his hand against the table. Wooyoung reached across and took it, "It's ok. We've been at this for a long time, maybe we should take a break?"

Jongho glanced at their joined hands, blushing a little, but he nodded.

Wooyoung used his other hand to close all the books on the table then he waived over one of the waiters, still holding Jongho's hand and rubbing his thumb across the back of it. "Can we get some menus please?"

She nodded and grabbed some for them.

"We need to fuel our brains a little before continuing." The older smiled and scanned the menu. "I'm starving."

Jongho sat in silence, staring blanking at the page in front of him. The pressure on his hand was overwhelming his senses, to the point where he just wanted more. More touch, more pressure, more... Wooyoung.

"Are you ok?" Wooyoung suddenly asked, looking at him with concern.

"Y-Yeah, sorry." Jongho pulled his hand back and ducked behind the menu.

"You're cute when get flustered."

Jongho peeked over the top of his menu to see Wooyoung resting his head in his hands. He winked at him, and Jongho hid his face again.

Wooyoung chuckled and started humming. Damn his voice was sweet... Jongho bit his lip and picked a random item off the menu before flagging down the waitress.

"I'll have the BLT please, with French fries." He said quickly.

"Same." Wooyoung said brightly.

The two of them locked eyes and Jongho looked away again.

"Do I make you uncomfortable?" Wooyoung said, dropping the tone of his voice and leaning forward a little.

"N-No." Jongho looked back at him, getting lost in his chocolate eyes. "Y-Yes..." He buried his face in his hands.

They ate in relative silence, making polite small talk here and there, before returning to tutoring.

The following week, Jongho and Wooyoung had their mid-term exams. Jongho did his best to stay calm during the tests and think about everything the other had taught him. Because of that, he felt like he actually did very well.

At the end of his last exam, he had a text waiting for him. Wooyoung was asking how he did.

'Meet me outside the café. 5 minutes.' Jongho texted back. He had promised himself something if he managed to do well on the tests, and while he didn't know what his scores were yet, he felt like he passed.

Wooyoung was waiting for him, tapping his foot a little while looking at his phone.

Jongho marched up to him, surprising him by grabbing his hand, and pulling him down one of the side alleyways.

"Jongho? What's wrong?" He asked, his voice a little higher pitched than normal. "Do you not feel like you did well on the tests?"

The younger didn't answer him, making two more turns before he finally stopped. He didn't let go of Wooyoung's hand, but he didn't turn to face him either.

"Jongho?" Wooyoung's voice was quiet.

Jongho suddenly turned around and pinned Wooyoung to the wall, kissing him roughly. The older let out a small sound of surprise, but then he brought his hands up and immediately locked them into Jongho's hair, attempting to pull their faces even closer and he kissed back.

When they finally broke for air, Wooyoung smiled at him and started fixing his ruffled hair. "I've been waiting for you to do that."

Jongho blushed, watching the way Wooyoung bit his lip while looking at him. Then he leaned forward to kiss him again, keeping it slow and intimate this time.

He had been waiting to do it too.

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