San/Wooyoung - Mine *M**Request*

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I've got another Woosan for you!! This request is from the lovely jinjin0309 . I hope you all enjoy!!

"Sannie, we need food for dinner. I'm going to run by the store, do you want to come with me?" Wooyoung poked his head around the corner of the kitchen to see his boyfriend dozing on the couch. He smiled at the blonde, loving how sweet he looked when he was sleeping. But Wooyoung was a mischievous person, so he crept forward slowly and jumped onto the sleeping blonde.

San yelled in surprise and then had to defend himself as Wooyoung started to tickle his sides. "W-Wooyoung!" He whined, trying to push the smaller off him. "It's rude to wake people up like that."

"You were ignoring me." Wooyoung pouted, running his hand through his black hair.

The older grunted and pushed his boyfriend off him, leaning over to grab a pillow to snuggle with.

"Well fine then," Wooyoung turned to leave. "Maybe that cute cashier will be there today and I can talk to HIM." He smirked when he heard San growl. The older was instantly at his side, holding his hand.

The couple walked down the street to the little grocery store located on the corner. It didn't have the best selection, but it worked for their needs. As soon as they walked in the front doors, San immediately scanned the cash registers.

"San, calm down. You know I'm not going to do anything with him." Wooyoung said, chuckling a little.

The older tightened his grip on the other's hand. "That's right, because your mine." He said, leaning forward to nip at the younger's ear and smiling when he turned red.

They went up and down each isle, looking for anything they wanted to eat or felt like they needed, never dropping their connected hands. Until it came time to check out.

San stopped to look at a rack of magazines while Wooyoung unloaded the cart.

"Hey stranger." A deep voice said. San's head snapped up to see the cashier he had been worried about.

"Hey yourself! How have you been?" Wooyoung smiled back at him. San knew he was too nice of a person to ignore the cashier, but did he really have to smile at him like that? He rolled his neck, hearing a few satisfying pops as he walked up behind Wooyoung and threw his arm around his shoulder, glaring at the cashier.

"Hello, San." The boy said politely, avoiding his eyes.

"Yeosang." San snapped.

"Would you knock it off?" Wooyoung hissed, pushing San's arm from his shoulder. The older stared at him with wide eyes for a second, then crossed his arms and continued to glare at Yeosang.

When it came time to pay, it was as if he didn't exist again. Wooyoung handed the cashier the money owed, and Yeosang very obviously let his fingers run over Wooyoung's hand as he took it. Then he did the same thing when handing over the change.

"Have a good day!" Wooyoung said, bowing his head slightly and waving goodbye.

San took some of the bags and they walked back to their apartment. The fact that Wooyoung seemed oblivious to his anger made it even worse. "San, can you hand me the cereal so I can put it away?" He asked not turning around.

San grumbled under his breath and handed the boxes to his boyfriend.

"What was that?" Wooyoung asked, turning around. He felt his stomach flip at the dark look San was giving him. "What's wrong? Is this about Yeosang? I don't get what the big deal is." He turned back around to put the cereal away. "We were just chatting. He's a really nice person!"

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