San/Wooyoung - One Life *M**Request*

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Hello friends!! I'm back with another request from squidster97 and it's a continuation of her other one called One Night, so if you haven't read that one yet, to read it first!!

I loved coming back to this story so I hope you enjoy!!

"Hey, Gracie!" San said as he opened the door to his apartment. He heard here squealing from her crib and hurried over to pick her up. "How's my baby? Did you have a good day? Where's Mommy?" He asked, looking around.

The door to the bathroom opened and Wooyoung was rubbing his forehead as he walked out. He looked up and flashed a small smile. "Hey. You're home late. Long day?"

"Yeah, we got really busy at the end so I needed to stay late. Are you ok?" San asked, eyeing his boyfriend. He looked tired and worn down.

Wooyoung hummed and walked by him to start making dinner.

"You didn't have to wait for me. It's late baby." San walked over and tried to wrap his arm around Wooyoung's waist, but the younger stepped away.

"It's fine. I wanted you to have a fresh meal. I ended up sleeping for a little bit this afternoon, so I'm not tired now."

San watched him, not quite sure what do to. Wooyoung had been getting a little distant lately. He supposed it was because he had been working such long hours, but he was doing it because he was saving up to take Wooyoung out on a nice date.

They had never really been on an official first date since the focus was on Grace, both before and after she was born.

He felt like they needed it.

Dinner was silent, except for the small sounds coming from their baby as she cooed at them. Finally San couldn't take it anymore. He slammed his fork down. "Ok, Wooyoung, please tell me what's going on?"

Wooyoung didn't look at him. Instead, he continued to play with his food. "You've been coming home late almost every day."

"I know, I'm sorry." San said, pursing his lips. He wanted to keep everything a surprise... "They have just needed a lot of help there, and-"

"Are you cheating on me?"

San's jaw dropped as he looked at the serious look on Wooyoung's face. "What?"

"You heard me." Wooyoung glared at him, but there was a slight pout to his lips. He truly believed what he was saying.

"Youngie, why on earth would you think I'm cheating on you?" San was almost offended by the idea.

Tears came to Wooyoung's eyes that he wiped away quickly, before glaring at San again. Although his bottom lip quivered a little. "Because you're never home anymore. You get home late, and all you can say is that you're at work. I bet some part of you blames me for not having the dream life you want. You didn't go to college, you're stuck in this studio apartment with no privacy and a b-b-baby you never asked for." Wooyoung's face fell into his hands as he started to cry.

San was immediately kneeling in front of him, his hands on his knees. "Baby, where is this coming from? I know I've been busy, but I promise I really have been working. I don't regret anything. You and Gracie are my family, my home!"

"I'm not e-e-even attractive t-t-to you anymore. Not that I ever w-was... It was only s-supposed to be a one night thing... You had s-said so yourself b-before we did anything..."

San gritted his teeth together. That had been true at the time, but now he was head-over-heels for the boy. "Of course I find you attractive baby."

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