Seonghwa/Hongjoong - Forever Mine *M**Request*

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I'm back with another request!! This one from lemonadedispenserXXX !! I had so much fun writing this! I know I don't normally put pictures in these... but I just couldn't resist. I mean, can you blame me??
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"You're lineup is impressive this time." Seonghwa said. "My coven will be please. We are in desperate need of some new slaves."

"Only the best for you." The fat man next to him said with a shaky voice.

Seonghwa smirked down at him, making sure to reveal his fangs. Few people knew that he and his family were vampires, but the ones who did feared them. And they had every right to.

Coven Ateez was known for being vicious and unforgiving to anyone who upset them, to other covens at least. The humans just knew them as a family of nobles. The seven members all worked together to keep their identity a secret from the humans. And they kept to themselves, too.

Until it came time to feed. Then all bets were off and any human that saw them became fair game.

Occasionally they would have things delivered to their palace, like today's shipment of slaves. The coven liked to keep them around to cook, clean, and for... other things.

As the rest of his family arrived, Seonghwa looked at them with love, but he also felt a tinge of pain. Everyone had found their mate, except him.

He had met Mingi several hundred years ago and they became close. But then Mingi found Yunho and changed him. They came across Jongho and Yeosang, already mated, during their adventures. San had attempted to save Seonghwa's life from an explosion, not knowing he was a vampire, and got mortally wounded. Seonghwa gave him a choice, to be turned or to die. He had been loyal to the eldest ever since and ended up finding Wooyoung from a different shipment of slaves.

The other's picked out laborers and cooks, not too interested in being here.

Seonghwa was just about to turn and leave when a small man caught his eye. He looked terrified as his eyes flicked around the room. He must have been a troublesome slave, because he had a collar on and he was gagged, on top of the chains every other slave wore.

Mingi walked up to him, grabbing his chin and turning his head side to side. A small smile appeared on his face.

Not knowing what came over him, Seonghwa suddenly rushed over and placed a hand on the taller's shoulder. "No. He's mine."

Mingi bowed respectfully and chuckled as he walked away.

Seonghwa glared after him, then turned to the slave. He had a soft, sweet face, that was flushed red, and a lean body that looked ripe for the taking.

Smiling, Seonghwa broke the chain in between him and the next slave and grabbed into the leash dangling from his collar. He yanked on it, causing the boy to stumble forward and whimper into his gag. "Looks like I found myself a new toy." He hissed, leading him down the hallway.

When they got to his bedroom, Seonghwa made the other stand in the middle as he circled him. The way he shivered was adorable. Then he reached up and pulled the gag out of his mouth. "What is your name?"


"Obedient already. I like it." Seonghwa came up behind him and licked behind his ear. Hongjoong whimpered and turned his head away. "Well, mostly obedient. I guess I'll have to fix that." The older grabbed the leash and yanked the boy around.

He cried out in pain but was silenced as Seonghwa claimed his mouth, taking advantage of the open mouth to plunge his tongue in. The force of the kiss almost pushed Hongjoong away from him, but Seonghwa was quick to wrap an arm around his waist and keep them pressed together.

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