Hongjoong/Wooyoung - Spontaneous Moment *M**Request*

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Hello my loves!! I've got a nice long one for you today ;) this is a fun request from Moonbinnie0983!! I love you girl and thank you so much for all your support!! I loved writing this one so much and I hope you enjoy <3<3

"Sannie, are you sure you want ANOTHER tattoo?" Hongjoong asked as he drove his friend to his favorite tattoo place.

"You know you want one too. Come on, Mingi is amazing!" San said as he held out his arm.

The older had to nod in agreement, the sleeve going down his friend's arm of different nature scenes was impressive. And the color was beautifully done. San had started it as a momentum to his grandparents, getting little scenes done of all the places he had visited with them.

It was a long process, he had explained that the body can only take so much so he and Mingi had worked out a schedule so that he only did a little bit at a time.

Hongjoong didn't even want to think about how expensive it was.

When they got to the tattoo place, Mingi was waiting for them outside. He had a bright smile on his face that crinkled his eyes as he waved at San. "Just on time! Are you ready to get started?"

"You bet! Mingi this is my friend Hongjoong. He secretly wants a tattoo he just doesn't want to admit it." San said, turning to wink at the older before walking inside.

Hongjoong just rolled his eyes and shoved his hands in his pocket.

He watched curiously as Mingi got everything set up and San got situated in the chair.

"You can look at some of my work, if you'd like." Mingi said, motioning over to a folder.

The older glanced at it and shook his head. "No thanks, San doesn't want to admit that he just refuses to listen to me." He laughed while San glared at him. Then he studied the tattoo artist and noticed a faded blue coloring in his hair.

Pursing his lips, Hongjoong glanced at a mirror on the wall and touched his own brown hair.

"What are you thinking about Joong?" San asked, tilting his head.

"Well, while I DON'T want a tattoo, I have been thinking about changing my hair."

"Really?" San sat up, and excited look crossing his face.

Hongjoong nodded and ruffled his hair.

"You should go to Young's. My best friend owns the place and he's amazing. I actually need to get back there myself." Mingi said as he sat down next to Hongjoong. "You won't regret it, I promise."

"Yeah, I'll keep that in mind. Thanks."

"No problem! Make sure to tell him that I sent you and I bet he'll give you a discount. Alright San. Ready?"

"You bet." San said, a wide smile crossing his face.

As Mingi got started, Hongjoong pulled out his phone and searched for the hair salon. His eyebrows rose as he read the reviews. There were hardly any poor comments or ratings, and the few that were there complained about the time to either wait for an appointment, or how long the appointment took. There were no negative reviews for any of the stylists.

There was an option to send in an email to inquire about appointments, so Hongjoong typed one up asking for Wooyoung and saying that Mingi recommended the place. He figured there would be a long wait since Wooyoung was the owner of the salon, but he wanted to try.

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