Just What I Needed *M**Request*

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Hello friends!! So I'm back with something I have not done before and I'm a little nervous haha I would love any feedback you have to give! Especially if you want to see anything like this in the future!

This one is dedicated to lemonadedispenserXXX who put in the official request!!! I hope you like it!!

I also want to dedicate it to jinjin0309 who told me awhile ago that she wanted to see me write something like this haha

Again it's my first one, so it's probably not that good, but here does!!!

Requests are still open <3

Mingi sighed as he let his head fall against the headrest in his car. He had just pulled into his driveway after a long day of meetings and raised voices at work. Their company had lost money this month, so now everyone was in a panic.

Plus he had lost out on the bonus he had been counting on to get a new car for Yunho... His boyfriend was forced to walk everywhere or take the bus because they couldn't afford a second car. He always said he didn't mind, but that didn't stop Mingi from worrying about him.

He sighed one more time, then slowly made his way to the house. What if they couldn't recover the loss? Mingi couldn't afford to lose his job... Not since he was the main bread-winner for the couple.

God he needed a hug. Yunho always gave the best hugs.

After kicking off his shoes and hanging up his coat, Mingi called out, "Babe? I'm home." He shuffled into the kitchen and pulled out a beer, popped the cap off, and took a long drink.


It was odd that Yunho wasn't waiting for him. Although they had gotten in a fight that morning about the long hours he had been working, so maybe he went to bed early.

Mingi was so tired, he really didn't feel like eating so he made his way up the stairs. He went to duck in the bathroom when he hear something coming from his bedroom.

A long, deep, moan.

He paused, then he heard a second, higher pitched one.

Walking quietly, he crept to the bed room and hear the unmistakable sound of skin slapping against skin. The door was cracked, allowing him to slip into the room.

"God I missed you so much."

"I m-missed you too! Right there!" Yunho cried out.

Mingi leaned against the wall as he watched his boyfriend getting fucked hard.

By Hongjoong.

Yunho's face was twisted in pleasure as his back arched off the bed while Hongjoong slammed into him repeatedly. He moaned the shorter's name, reaching for him.

Hongjoong leaned forward and laced their fingers together before connecting their lips. They devoured each other's mouths as the bed rocked beneath them.

Mingi took another swing of his beer, then downed the rest of it, never taking his eyes off the oblivious couple.

Their moans increased. Yunho was close. He always got his sexy falsetto voice when he was about to climax. It was one of Mingi's favorite things in the whole world. It drove him absolutely insane.

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