Mingi/Seonghwa - Quiet *M**Request*

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I'm back with another one shot from the person who gives me the inspiration to keep writing! jinjin0309 here's another one for you love!! Keep them coming!

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As he started to stir, Ming could tell it was sunrise by the bright pinkish light trying to break through his eyelids. He didn't want to get up yet, it was too early... So he sighed and rolled so he was facing away from the window and came in contact with something that brought a smile to his face.

His perfect husband, Seonghwa.

He wrapped his arm around the dirty blonde and pulled him closer. He could stay like this all day.

But then Seonghwa did something to ruin it. He shifted unconsciously, rubbing his ass against Mingi's already semi-hard member.

The taller groaned as he rocked his hips a little, but Seonghwa didn't react, reinforcing that he was still asleep.

Then Mingi got an idea. He was too awake now to try and fall back asleep, so he released his grip on Seonghwa and slide under the covers. He gently pressed against his lover's hip so that he was laying on his back and then slowly spread his legs.

He grinned and shuffled forward, running a finger over Seonghwa's limp member, earning a small sound and a twitch. He continued the soft touches for a few moments. Seonghwa was such a deep sleeper he know he could probably tease him like this for hours without getting a response.

But he needed more. So he inched forward and took it in his mouth. He swirled his tongue, getting Seonghwa to let out a content moan as he shifted. The older tried to close his legs out of reflex, but Mingi nudged them back open with his shoulders as he started to bob his head up and down.

Seonghwa was standing at full attention now, filling Mingi's mouth perfectly. The older moaned again and his hips rocked a little. Mingi chuckled, knowing the vibration would add to the sensation.

Hands crept down the sheets, and Mingi just took advantage of this. He grabbed Seonghwa's wrist and pinned them to the bed as he started to move faster.

Seonghwa moaned, then gasped and tried to sit up as Mingi let his teeth graze over the soft skin in his mouth. "M-Mingi!" The older moaned, trying to free his wrists and twisting beneath the taller. "A-ah! M-Mingi!"

Mingi picked up the pace again, humming as Seonghwa squirmed and rocked his hips. He could just imagine his lover scrunching his eyes and biting his lips, a sure tell sign he was about to cum.

And he did, letting out a long moan as he emptied himself into Mingi's mouth. The taller swallowed it all and pulled his head back with a pop before moving his head down and prodding Seonghwa's entrance with his tongue.

"Mmmmingiiii." Seonghwa whined, trying to pull away again.

"Shhh, June is still sleeping. You don't want to wake her up, do you?" Mingi said before sticking his tongue out again. "You taste so good baby."

Seonghwa twisted his wrists again and let out a little growl of frustration. Mingi chuckled and finally crawled up his lover's body, placing kisses across his skin. He was met with a soft glare from a red faced Seonghwa and it just made Mingi smirk.

"What's the matter baby?" He asked, moving so his knees rested on top of Seonghwa's hands, keeping him pinned to the bed as he straddled him. Then he reached forward and traced the older's lips.

"Get off me! Waking someone up like this is rude." Seonghwa stuck his bottom lip out in a pout.

"Rude? I'm offended." Mingi placed his hands on his chest. "I thought you just enjoyed that."

Seonghwa turned red and narrowed his eyes.

Then Mingi leaned forward, slowly running his long fingers over Seonghwa's chest, circling his nipples. "Should we see just how quiet you can be?" He felt Seonghwa's member twitch behind him and he reached back to start stroking it.

Seonghwa when to open his mouth but Mingi slipped his hand over it and shook his head. That earned him another glare and Seonghwa stuck his tongue out to lick his hand. Mingi just rolled his eyes and brought his other hand up to slip a finger into Seonghwa's mouth. "You're such a child."

The older arched an eyebrow before gently biting Mingi's finger. He hissed and pulled it out, keeping his hand pressed to the other's mouth. "Fine, no lube for you then." He reached behind him and pressed the finger against Seonghwa's entrance, circling it for a few seconds before inserting it.

Seonghwa groaned and twisted his hangs again.

Mingi inserted a second finger and the older started to moan. The third finger raised the pitch of his moaning.

"So noisy. How would our baby girl feel if she knew her mommy was making such noises?" Mingi growled, leaning forward to replace his hand with his lips.

Seonghwa kissed him hungrily, immediately opening his mouth so Mingi could enter him there too.

His lover's eagerness spurred Mingi forward, so in one quick movement, they were both on their sides. Mingi's hand was back over Seonghwa's mouth as he was using the other one to grab the bottle of lube from the night stand.

Seonghwa pressed himself against Mingi's length, rubbing against it, begging for it.

Mingi groaned at the feeling and covered himself with lube before slowly entering the older, earning more high pitched moans.

He felt so good as he clenched and drew Mingi in deeper. It wasn't long before Mingi pulled out and rammed back into him once.

Seonghwa cries were muffled as Mingi continued his assault. He didn't do a constant pace, instead throwing in a few harder thrusts just to hear Seonghwa cry out.

"Does that feel good baby?" He purred, sucking on the side of Seonghwa's neck.

The older nodded and reached up to try and pry Mingi's hand away from his mouth. Mingi just used his other hand to engulf his wrists and pin them to the bed again.

Seonghwa grunted in disapproval but soon let out another loud moan when Mingi rammed into him again.

He could feel himself getting close so he tried to pick up the pace. When Seonghwa stopped resisting, he released his wrists and moved his hand to start stroking his member to match his thrusts.

Soon he was having to fight to contain his moans, so he attached his lips to Seonghwa's neck again and let that muffle his moans.

After a few more thrusts, Seonghwa came for a second time, spraying their sheets, while Mingi filled him with his seed.

The both lay there panting heavily, not wanting to move. But then they heard movement from the other room and June's toy chest spilling over.

Seonghwa tried to get up, but Mingi tightened his grip. The older licked his hand again.

"She's fine. She's playing, so she will be entertained for at least another twenty minutes." Mingi whispered, nibbling on Seonghwa's ear.

He rolled his hips, his member growing hard again while still inside Seonghwa.

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