Mingi/Seonghwa - Speak My Language *M**Request*

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Hello Atiny's!!

I can't believe how quickly I got this out, but I did it! I'm back with a request from the amazing girl who got me started on here with her favorite ship ;) I can never say no to a good Minhwa story!

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Seonghwa pulled out his phone after getting out of class, happy to see a text from his best friend Mingi telling him to meet him at a nearby restaurant for lunch.

He quickly agreed and closed out of the messaging app to look at the background on his phone, feeling his heart start to pound.

While it had been taken as a joke, Seonghwa wished with all his heart that the picture had a deeper meaning behind it.

He and Mingi were sitting down, Seonghwa in front of him with his back to Mingi's chest, and the younger had the brightest smile on his face while he rested his head on Seonghwa's shoulder.

Seonghwa had been crushing on Mingi for over a year now, ever since two of their mutual friends, Hongjoong and Yeosang, started dating and brought their two groups together.

But he was so damn shy, he never had the guts to tell Mingi how he was feeling. Especially because he was afraid of getting rejected and their friendship being ruined.

So he settled for loving the taller silently and from a distance.

Not wanting to be late, Seonghwa hurried to the specified location and was greeted by the smile he loved so much. Mingi waved him over to the table he had claimed and Seonghwa noticed that there was already food on it.

"Hey, Hwa! I hope you don't mind, but I ordered for you. I know all your favorite foods, so it wasn't that hard." Mingi said, picking up his chopsticks and taking some chicken from the bowl in front of him.

"Thank you." Seonghwa said, trying to fight the blush coming to his cheeks. Mingi really had ordered all of his favorite foods for them to share.

The conversation came natural as it always did. They would talk about their classes for the day and what homework they had to do.

When that was brought up, Seonghwa invited Mingi over to his house to study. He still lived at home to save money on college and his parents were going to be gone for the weekend, so they'd have a quiet place to set up.

They stopped by a convenience store on the way there to get food and drinks, joking around that they would feast that night of junk food.

But Seonghwa wouldn't have it any other way. The only time they 'fought' is when Mingi insisted on paying for everything, stating that Seonghwa was providing the space, so the least he could do was provide the food. He shooed Seonghwa away and told him to wait outside while he paid for everything.

After pulling up to the house, Seonghwa let them in and immediately ran upstairs to his room. It was their favorite place to study because they could spread out and stay comfortable. Plus Seonghwa had a decent sound system so when they needed a break they could play some music to relax.

Studying went well for a few hours, then Seonghwa looked up when Mingi scoffed while shaking his head.

Giving him an amused smile, Seonghwa tapped his head with a pencil. "What is it?"

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