Hongjoong/Yeosang - Changing Tides *M**Request*

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Hello Atiny's!!! I got a request for another sequel, so here is your warning! If you haven't read Unexpected Tides then head over there and read that first ;)

lemonadedispenserXXX requested this one too! Thank you so much for your support girl! It really helps me keep going <3 I love you!

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"Where are you?" Hongjoong whispered as he sat on the beach staring out at the water as it lazily lapped against the sand.

He was worried sick that something had happened to his lover.

Yeosang had never been late before... And now it was almost sunset.

Several months had passed since Yeosang had saved him from the sea witch and brought him to this island. The only way Hongjoong had been able to keep track was because the younger could come on land once a month for the day and night of the full moon.

The merman was the only reason Hongjoong was willing to stay on this island. He had everything he needed here and didn't have to worry about money or other people. It really was peaceful. But he would go crazy if he was here by himself.

Fear started to creep in as the sun got lower and lower on the horizon.

Then a head broke the surface in front of him and Hongjoong sprang to his feet, running forward. "Yeosang!" He yelled as he ran into the water.

The merman gave him a weary smile as he rose out of the water and walked into Hongjoong's open arms.

"What the hell happened? Where have you been?" Hongjoong said, not missing the harshness of his tone.

Yeosang sighed and pushed himself out of Hongjoong's arms, continuing his trek up onto the beach.

"Really? You leave me waiting here half the day and now you're going to ignore me?" Hongjoong followed him, huffing as Yeosang moved to sit under Hongjoong's shelter.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to make you worry." They younger said, looking up with mournful blue-green eyes. "I promise I didn't."

"Then what happened?" Hongjoong asked again, crossing his arms. "Half of our day together is gone!"

Yeosang's eyes hardened at that as he glared up at the older. "Is that all that matters to you?" He said, taking his turn to snap. "I'm just your once a month fuck? I'm sorry I wasted your precious time! I had other things I needed to deal with." Yeosang pushed himself off the ground so that he and Hongjoong could be on the same level.

The older was taken aback by Yeosang's words. Of course that wasn't true. Yes it was a nice plus, but that wasn't the entire reason why Hongjoong had been so upset and worried. And yet he couldn't find the words to explain it.

Tears came to Yeosang's eyes. "So it is! Do you even care about me at all?"

"Of course I do, Yeosang. You know I do..." Hongjoong said quietly, his heart breaking at the look in his lover's eyes. "What... What's going on?" He asked, stepping forward.

Yeosang tried to turn away from him, but Hongjoong made sure to grab his shoulders so he could force the merman to face him before pulling him into his arms. He felt his lover melt immediately and bring his arms up to hug him back.

That's when the tears stated.

Hongjoong stood there patiently as Yeosang started to cry into his shoulder and neck, clinging to him like his life depended on it.

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