Mingi/Yunho - Try *Request*

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Here's another one for the beautiful jinjin0309 I loved writing this one so much! I hope you enjoy <3

Yunho sighed as he stared at the front doors of the academy. He hated that he had mixed feelings about going inside. It was a huge honor to be accepted to this school, it was one of the top performing schools in country. But for some reason, he had become the target of the schools bully.

"Hey, are you ok?"

Yunho turned around to see his two friends walking toward him. The taller of the two, Seonghwa, was running a hand through his blonde hair and twisting his nose ring with the other.

The shorter, Hongjoong, quickly slapped his hand away. "Quit messing with it, you'll just irritate it."

"Sorry Joongie, I'm still getting used to the feeling."

"Hey guys. New piercing, Hwa?" Yunho asked, plastering a fake smile on his face.

"Yeah, I thought I'd try something new. How does it look?" He turned to the side and did one of his poses. A few girls giggled as they walked by, and it grew louder when Seonghwa winked at them.

"I think that's an 'I approve'." Yunho rolled his eyes and turned back to the front doors. Maybe if he kept his head low and stayed with the other two he could get through the day without incident.

"Is that boy still bothering you?" Hongjoong said, walking to stand in front of Yunho.

"Huh? O-Oh, no." Yunho smiled at him again and marched into the academy. He didn't want to show any weakness to his friends, he didn't want to lose them. Then he would truly be alone. No, he had to stay strong.

He had to...

In the blink of an eye he was slammed into the wall. "Watch where you're going." A deep voice growled. He felt an arm press against his throat and he tried to push his attacker away. He already knew who it was.

Mingi. Flanked by his two lackeys, Yeosang and San. They were the 'coolest' kids in the academy and they used that to their advantage. They hardly ever got in trouble because the students were too afraid to report them.

San and Yeosang both stood so they could shoot glares at anyone who got too close, San upped his intimidation game by playing with his lip ring with his tongue. The way Yeosang tilted his head showed off the multiple tattoos he had on his neck and peeking out from the collar of his shirt.

Mingi pressed a little harder on Yunho's neck, leaning in closer. "Stay out of my way." He snarled, running his tongue over his own lip piercing. Shoving Yunho one more time, he laughed and walked away with the other two.

Yunho slid to the floor, shaking. His friends ran to his side immediately and Seonghwa pulled him in for a hug. "You need to report him. You can't keep letting him get away with this."

"If I do, it will just be ten times worse." Yunho said. He could hear his voice shaking as he stood and pushed the older away. He felt their eyes on him as he walked away, shoving his hands in his pockets and avoiding anyone else's eyes.

No, he had to just keep working hard so he could graduate and move far, far away from here and never look back.

A couple of weeks passed without an incident, but Yunho always kept a lookout for Mingi and his goons. He would see them picking on some other students and he would immediately turn and walk the other way.

Seonghwa and Hongjoong still tried to get him to turn Mingi in, but he still believed there was no point. They said they would support whatever decision he made, so he decided to do nothing.

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