Yeosang - Dancing Heart *M**Request*

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Here's one for you romantics our there!! This beautiful one shot was requested by InBrilliantViolet, I hope you enjoy!!! <3<3

Chloe took a deep breath as she slipped into her ballet shoes and carefully tied the laces around her calves. She still couldn't believe she was sitting here, in this room, getting ready to dance with the company she had been dreaming of performing with ever since she was a little girl.

Other dancers gathered around her, welcoming her to her first practice and wishing her luck. The girls were nice and it helped Chloe to grow even more excited.

Then the room went silent as the side doors open. Chloe followed everyone's lead and hurried over to the bar to begin warming up. She watched as an older woman walked in, observing everyone with a critical eye.

The person following her made her jaw drop. He could only be described as perfection.

"Close your mouth before he sees." The girl next to her whispered.

Chloe did as she asked but kept watching him out of the corner of her eye. He had a sharp jawline and piercing blue eyes. His slightly wavy, light brown hair bounced as he walked to the front of the room. He didn't look at anyone, nor did his face break from the harsh, stone look he had adopted.

The rehearsal was intense, but Chloe did her best to keep her head up. Ballet was a harsh would, especially this company, so she already expected to not get any praise or welcoming words form the instructor.

She had been hired on to be a part of the core, so she had to match everything exactly. Same leg height, same angle of her arm, turn at the same speed. It felt like she was learning quickly, especially because she didn't receive any criticism.

Then it came time for the core to take a break, they all sat along the side of the room to stay out of the way while the leads took the center to practice their dance.

The man she had seen before drew her attention immediately. He movements were so smooth and precise, but beautiful.

"That's Yeosang." A girl next to her whispered.

"You're kidding, right?" Chloe whispered back. There was no way she was in the same room with THE Yeosang... The youngest lead in company history. He had been dancing with them since he was fourteen!

"No! He's amazing, isn't he? I'm pretty sure every girl in here is love with him, but he won't give anyone the time of day, saying he's too busy with rehearsals and dancing. I think he's just stuck up and no one is good enough for him."

Chloe glanced at him again and she could see how the other girl would say that. He didn't show any facial expression as he danced, at least not here in rehearsal. She had watched him dance and knew his stage face was completely different.

When rehearsal ended, Chloe stayed back, wanting to get in some extra practice now that she knew what was expected of her in the core.

She broke down each move, watching herself in the mirror to make sure she was happy with her lines and her posture.

"Why are you still here?"

Chloe jumped and turned to see Yeosang standing in the corner with a gym bag over her shoulder. His eyes narrowed as he studied her.

"I wanted to get some extra practice in." Chloe blushed, worried that she was going to be in trouble for staying.

He just hummed and threw his bag down before taking position in front of a different mirror.

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