San/Wooyoung - Three Days *M**Request*

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Alright my Woosan fans! I've got another from one for you! This is another request from squidster97 I hope you enjoy!! It's a long one so hang in there ;) <3

Wooyoung blushed as he saw the beautiful blonde haired boy walked across the room, holding his head high. His sharp jawline and half closed eyes didn't help, nor did the dimples that flashed in his direction as the other looked at him.

San was... perfect. He was the sweetest person Wooyoung had ever met and he had fallen for him the first day he saw him. But it would never work. San was one of the managers of his building and he was a mere secretary. Plus, San showed no signs of being attracted to guys.

Sighing, Wooyoung turned back to his computer and kept inputting information into the office calendar, making sure everything was up to date with meetings and planned events.

But he always knew where San was. He would sneak peeks whenever he could, especially when he heard the high pitched laugh echo through the floor.

"I'm hopeless." Wooyoung said, burying his face in his hands.

"What makes you say that?"

Wooyoung jumped and yelped a little, looking up to see San leaning against the side of his cubicle. His arms were crossed casually and his smile widened when he realized he had scared the other.

"Oh, S-San. You scared me!" Wooyoung placed a hand over his heart and looked down.

"I can see that." The older chuckled, smirking a little. "Do you have the files I asked for?"

"Y-Yes. I have them here." Wooyoung spun his chair to face a filing cabinet and rummaged through it. When he pulled out a manila envelope, he spun around again and handed it to San. The older took it, letting his fingers graze across the smaller's.

Wooyoung had to look away again, his face turning red.

"Thanks. I'll have these back to you shortly." San smiled at him before walking away.

Wooyoung watched him leave, loving the way he looked when he walked. Then his heart sank when he stopped to talk to one of the women in the office, leaning over to tuck a piece of hair behind her ear.

"Hopeless..." he leaned forward and placed his forehead on his desk. "Why would he want to be with someone like me anyway? I'm not beautiful or... or curvy... or petite like that girl... I'm not special..." Wooyoung felt tears come to his eyes and he quickly wiped them away.

His computer dinged. He leaned forward to see a small pop-up message. When he clicked on it, an ad came up for some 'magic' thing. Wooyoung rolled his eyes and almost closed out of it, but he was drawn to a small section that said they could help with issues of the heart.

He glanced up at where San was still talking to the girl, still smiling brightly. Wooyoung clicked again. An address popped up on the screen, nothing else. His heart was pounding. This was crazy, was he really going to go to a strange address that mysteriously popped up on his computer screen?

Yes. Yes he was.

At the end of his shift, he went directly there. It was an old, worn down building that had no sign marking it. But the door opened when he pushed on it. "Hello?" He asked quietly, looking around the dusty room.

There were several shelves lining the walls holding bottles of all shapes and sizes. Other trinkets hung from the walls and ceiling.

Wooyoung stepped inside while chewing on the inside of his lower lip.

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