Mingi/Seonghwa - Third Times a Charm *Request*

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Hello friends! I'm back with another request from the wonderful jinjin0309. This one is a sweet one that I hope you will all love!

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Seonghwa looked down at the paper in his hands and felt his heart shatter into a million pieces. He had been denied... Again...

He dropped it onto a stack of other papers and buried his face in his hands. Hot tears rolled down his cheeks as all the grief started to overwhelm him.





One year ago...

"Please, can't you test again? There has got to be something you missed." Seonghwa pleaded, looking at the doctor on the other side of the desk.

"I'm sorry, son. I ran every test that I could. It's just... It's not going to happen. Your body is infertile. I'm sorry."

Seonghwa felt his lover's strong hands squeeze his shoulders. "Hwa... It'll be ok." He moved to kneel in front of the blonde and grabbed his hands. "We will figure this out."

"Oh, M-Mingi." Seonghwa fell forward into the taller's arms.

The doctor slipped out as the couple held each other. They had wanted a baby for so long, and now with this news, their hope was running thin.





"Hwa?" A deep voice came from the front door. "Love, are you home?"

Seonghwa took a deep breath and wiped his eyes and nose. "Y-Yeah. In here." He said, trying to make himself look like he had been busy in the office.

Mingi came in and set his bag down. "Hey. It's so good to be home. How was your day?" He asked, coming up behind the older and wrapping his arms around his waist.

"Fine. Yours?" Seonghwa worked hard to keep his voice steady.

But it didn't work.

"What's wrong?" Mingi asked, spinning him around. He gasped and ran his thumb under each of the other's eyes. "Baby, what's wrong?"

Seonghwa bit his lip, then grabbed the piece of paper. Mingi read through it quickly, his face falling.

They stood in silence for a long moment while they both stared at the paper.

"It's never going to happen... Is it?" Seonghwa whispered as he clasped his shaking hands.

"This is my fault... I should be making more. If I had only gotten promoted."

"If only I was fertile."

"Hwa, you can't go down that route." Mingi said, pulling the other into a hug. "I'll get in touch with some of my work colleagues. Maybe they have a contact or something... We are going to figure this out. I promise." Mingi kissed Seonghwa on the forehead.

The older just nodded. Then his phone started ringing. The couple broke apart and he pulled it out, smiling slightly when he saw who it was.

"Hey, Lex."

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