Mingi/Yunho - First Time Secret *M**Request*

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I am so excited to bring this first time request from mingtothehao into this collection!! I'm sorry it took so long for me to get it out to you, but I hope you enjoy!!!

Thank you so much for trusting me with your request and all of you let support with my other stories!! It means the world to me ❤️❤️

Yunho chewed on his lip as he crept down the hallway of his high school. He really wanted to avoid any confrontations today if he could help it, and he had made it through the day without one so far. There were only so many times he could use the excuse of getting hurt in gym class before his parents stopped believing him.

For whatever reason, he had become the punching back for some of the schools bullies, also classified as the 'cool kids'. They were the smokers and most likely drug addicts who had decided they rule the school.

And rule they did.

Almost every student had been a victim of theirs at one point in time, whether it was just for lunch money or because the group was bored.

The day Yunho had started school here, they had targeted him. A few of his fellow classmates had tended to him when it was all over, and he would stay close to them during lunch and any free periods to try and protect himself.

It seemed to work most of the time. The group only seemed to target people if they were caught by themselves, maybe in pairs if they were particularly angry.

But he also spent time with his other friends to protect one of his attackers...

As strange as it sounded, he had fallen for one of them.

Song Mingi was the only one of the group who had never laid a hand on him. He always turned his back whenever he group cornered or beat Yunho. He never called him names or even gave him a nasty look.

And Yunho had been attracted to him from day one.

His friends told him he was crazy, that it would never work and he had a death wish. But he could help it. His heart beat faster whenever he caught a glimpse of the tall, handsome boy. The few times he was caught smiling always brought a blush to Yunho's face, no matter how hard he tried to hide it.

Several voices echoed down the hallway to his right and Yunho looked to see his worst nightmare lounging against the walls. They were openly smoking, knowing that the teachers couldn't do much to discipline them anymore.

Why they still when to school here, no one knew...

And they just had to be sitting in the one hallway that led to the main entrance of the school.

"Come on, let's just go home! The little whimp has to have left by now." One of them said. Yunho ducked behind a pillar, guessing they were talking about him.

"No, he's still here. We would have seen him leave."

"Well then let's go look for him. I'm bored."

"Fine. Split up and bring him out back if you find him."

Shoes squeaked against the floor as they pushed themselves off the ground.

Panicking, Yunho ducked into the nearest bathroom and hid in one of the stalls. He perched on the toilet seat and covered his mouth to muffle his breathing.

He could hear them walking down the hallway, their voices echoing off the walls as they passed.

Just when he thought they might pass him by, the door to the bathroom opened.

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