Forgive Me Part 3 *M*

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Several weeks passed, and Wooyoung had yet to talk to Yeosang. He missed his friend terribly, but he didn't know how to move past this. He might have forgiven him easier if it had been a random guy, but Jongho...

"Hey, Yunho? When does Mingi get back?"

"Today actually!" The taller said, hoping up and down. "This is the longest he's been gone, so I'm planning on making a special dinner for him."

"That's great. I'll find someplace to stay tonight." Yunho started to protest, but Wooyoung held up his hands. "No, I insist. You guys deserve some time together. Maybe I'll see if Hongjoong is free."

He left the room to grab his phone, frowning when noticed a few texts from Yeosang. Ignoring them, he dialed Hongjoong's number.

"Wooyoung! How's it going?"

"Hey Joongie. Are you busy tonight?"

"Nope! Wanna go out for a bit?"

"That would be great, actually. Mingi gets back tonight, so I want to give him and Yunho some time alone together."

"I'll pick you up at 6." Hongjoong said before ending the call.

Wooyoung pouted for a second. They hadn't even discussed what they were going to do. But if he thought about it, he really didn't care.





Yeosang sat in the corner of his room clutching his phone to his chest and crying. He needed Wooyoung more than anything right now, but they hadn't spoken in weeks...

He had walked into his apartment a few hours ago, humming to himself after going grocery shopping. He put them in the kitchen and started putting them away when he heard a strange pounding.

Going to investigate, he opened the door to his bedroom and cried out when he saw Jongho deep inside another man, starting to cry out in pleasure.

Jongho froze when he saw Yeosang and pulled out, shoving the other man away from him. "Yeo..."

He didn't wait to listen, instead he turned and fled.

Jongho caught up to him before he managed to escape the apartment. "Yeosang, wait, please."

"No!" He spun around and slapped Jongho. "Get out of my apartment! And take your slut with you! I never want to see you again! Everyone tried to tell me you'd do this again. 'Once a cheater, always a cheater'."

"Sangie, please, forgive me."

Yeosang cried out and slapped him again. "Get out!"

Jongho had left without putting up a fight, leaving Yeosang alone.

He had immediately tried to call Wooyoung out of instinct. His heart broke all over again when he didn't answer.

He had messed up big time...





Hongjoong was right on time, pulling up right at 6 o'clock. Seonghwa sat in the front seat and both waved at Wooyoung as he walked out of Yunho's house.

He was happy to see the smiling pair, although he was worried about becoming a third wheel.

Which is exactly what happened.

They had decided to go to a bar, which already made Wooyoung nervous, but it was on the opposite side of town from the one he had gone to with Yeosang. The three of them had fun for a while, talking and laughing, until the drinks started to kick in.

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