Before Victoria, I never had any problems with my contract being exposed to anyone. It was always kept in the dark.

But it's different now.

I've lost count on how many people know about Victoria and I's sex relationship and it's not good.

Victorias dad however is another situation. I can't lie my way through this. Being in the business, sensing lies and creating lies are one of the main traits you need in this industry.

He'll probably sense through my bullshit. Re isn't even here to save my ass either.

Shits going down tonight.

"Tell me the truth, Zayn." he probes.

"Mr Greene, I'm sure there's been some kind of misunderstanding." I say.

I use to think Victoria and her mother share a few features, but looking at her father right now, I definitely see the resemblance between father and daughter.

"Misunderstanding?!" he raises an eyebrow. "Don't pull that crap on me."

"I mean no disrespect, but our sex life is our sex life." I frown.

"You call whipping my daughter, a sex life?!" He scowls.

I roll my eyes.


Oh thank fuck, it's Victoria.

I turn around to see her approaching us. The confusion on her face is obvious.

"Re. How about you go back inside sweetie?" His father coaxes, but Victoria stays and grabs my hand as she looks up at me.

"Baby, go back inside." I murmur.

"No. I think I'll stay. What's the problem dad?" she frowns.

"Victoria. Go back inside. This is between Zayn and I." His voice is stern this time and Victoria sighs before facing me.

"Go on." I murmur.

Her eyebrows furrow together in worry and I caress her cheek. "It's okay. I'll meet you inside."

She nods slowly before looking back at her father and I do too.

Hesitantly, Victoria leaves and I'm alone with him again.

My worry rises. I don't know if I will be meeting her inside once I'm done with this conversation.

"Tell me the truth." He snarls.

I sigh. "It's not what you think."

"You haven't denied it." He narrows his gaze. Without warning, he grasps my shirt and I throw my hands up slowly. "If you have ever left a mark on her-"


"Sexual slavery. That's what all that shit is. God save you if you've abused or even forced her to marry you."

I frown. Sexual slavery.

I fucking hate those words.

"I would never do such a thing-"

"Quit the charade Zayn. No man who is in love would whip or even physically hurt their future wife. Do you really expect, that my innocent Re is into bondage?!"

She's not that innocent.

"It's not bondage." I frown.

"It's submission?" he raises an eyebrow but his anger boils even further. "You forced her into submission?! BDSM is not a reality. It's a fantasy. What the hell is wrong with you boy?!"

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