Chapter 10 - Sweaty palms.

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A/N: sorry if it's all messed up. I haven't proof read.

Chapter 10

I don't know why, but I haven't been this nervous to see my father since I dropped out of university two years ago.

He was not pleased.

Since then, he's never given me the chance to prove to him that I'm no longer like that.

"Takes messages for me." I murmur to Leigh as I walk past her from my lunch meeting into my office. "My father will be here in five minutes. I want every single staff member under this building to be immaculate. Understand?"

"Yes, sir." She hands me a folded note and I frown. 

"From Miss Greene, sir." She smiles uneasily and remains working.

Taking the note, I unlock my door and walk in, reading the note as I kick the door close.

'Don't be too stressed. I love you!'

A small smile appears on my face and I'm momentarily relaxed as I hear Victorias voice saying those words.

Placing it in my pocket, I take a seat on my chair to relax, only to hear the phone ringing in my ears.

I rub my head as I feel it pounding. For fucks sake.

Sighing, I pick up the phone.


"Mr Malik, he's here." Leigh replies in a whisper and I swallow as I hang up the phone and walk over to the door to open it.

At my presence, father rises from the couch and saunters inside without saying a single word. I turn to face Leigh.

"I don't want any phone calls." I whisper harshly to Leigh and she nods, seemingly shaky.

Walking in, I close the door behind me and hesitate before saying anything.

"You've changed your office." He admonishes. 

I gaze around momentarily as I take in my office.

"Change is good." I murmur quietly.

He scoffs in pity. "But yet, I still see no change in you."

I roll my eyes.

"Did you do what I asked you to do?!" He finally faces me.

"Yes. Everything is done in Ireland. They started building the day I left."

"Which was?!" He questions.

"Last week."

"Your mother and I are going out. I want you and Victoria to be there."

I hesitate. "Victoria and I are-"

"Going to the Alain Ducasse at The Dorchester."

I frown. "Dad-"

"Don't argue with me, Zayn."

I sigh.

"What is this project that I keep hearing about that you are doing in New York?" He questions, narrowing his gaze at me.

I widen my gaze at him but compose myself. He shouldn't know about it. How does he know?!

"It's a side project."

"Everything is a side project with you." He scowls.

I don't say anything. That project is mostly for him. If I tell him now he'll either complain I'm wasting my money, or wasting time building something that I can't even manage.

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