I think I was fairly nervous when I parked outside the house. But I managed to pick myself up and see Anne rushing out of the house as I got out of the car.

My anger had submerged as soon as I heard the voicemail.

"Zayn!" She gasps. "Jesus, you're here. Will you go inside, I'm going to get my car ready to take her to the hospital. Her contractions have already started."

I can't speak, I nod and make my way into the house as I see Mark by the doorway rather pale.

Everything feels slow.

"Where is she?" I question.

"In the lounge, sir."

I make my way into the sitting room to see Victoria sitting on her knees on the floor while she leans on the couch.

Amber is rubbing her back and she looks up at me as I walk in. "Don't just stand there."

I walk towards Victoria and sink to my knees. I grab her hand as she sits up to face me. "You're here." She murmurs drowsily before wincing and clutching into my shoulder.

"I'm here. Breathe Victoria." I whisper.

She takes a deep breath and exhales anxiously before screwing her face and leaning on the couch again.

"I'm going to have to get you to help her stand up and escort her to the car."

"No!" Victoria groans and I grab her hand.

"Come on." I murmur.


Everything happens so fast at the hospital.

We arrived, we checked in and now we're sitting in a room with a nauseas Victoria in the bed shifting uncomfortably.

We've been here for an hour and her pain is getting worse and worse.

Considering the circumstances we're in right now, I can't help but hold her hand and reassure her that she'll be okay.

I hate seeing her in so much pain

"I'm sorry." She murmurs.

"Sshh. Stop." I frown. "Take the epidural."

She shakes her head. "No I want it naturally." She squeezes my hand as another contraction comes by and she groans softly.

Victoria sighs and breathes out anxiously. Her hand lands against her stomach and she rubs soothingly.

"An epidural will be easier." I murmur.

She shakes her head, continuing to endure the pain. "No."

I look down.

"I'm sorry." She whales. "I'm sorry!"

"Ssh, just breathe Victoria."

The nurse and our midwife walks in and the nurse says a few words about dilating or something rather.

I don't know but just watching Victoria groan in pain and asking these questions I know nothing of, my whole world stops when the midwife says she is ready.

I frown. "Ready for what?"

"To push."

My eyes widen as Victoria takes my hand, gripping on harder than I thought she could possibly grip onto.

"Stay with me!" She says through gritted teeth.

I look down at her a little worried and nod as she places her feet up on the supports.

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