Marks POV

I'm not sure if I should take the boss seriously, but if he's offering a fucking beer.

I'm going to take the fucking beer and enjoy this while I can.

He offers a seat next to me and I don't know if I should throw the fucking bottle at him, because he's acting like a fucking weirdo, or join him and watch in awe as the two continue to bitch fight; over the boss I'm guessing.

Awkwardly, I take the fucking seat next to him and open the bottle top with my hand and the boss chuckles to himself as this bitch Bethany tries to attack Victoria again.

"Girls are feisty." He shakes his head and takes a swig.

I have to widen my gaze at the fucker.

Who the fuck are you?!

"Cheers man."

I blink at him. What the fuck?!

I don't reply.

I'm in fucking shock.

He looks at me and I look down at my bottle. Clinking my bottle to his, be nods and continues on viewing the bitch fight that's going on before us.

Hesitantly, I take a drink from my bottle but it doesn't fucking calm me like it usually does.

Is this some kind of sick fucking joke?!

"I'm going to make you wish you never touched him!" Victoria threatens and I raise my eyebrow. Bethany tries to run, but Victoria is fast as she pushes her back down to the ground.

Damn maybe I underestimated her. She does has some bitch in her.

"Bitch please. You're just another slut." Beth spits.

Victoria is on top of Bethany's back and immediately has a major grip on her hair as she winds it around her arm. "You want to say that again!"

"Get off me!" Beth squeals.

"Get out of this room and don't come back." Victoria warns lowly.

"Honey, I work with him. I'll be seeing him tomorrow. In the office, underneath his desk, sucking his di- ugh fuck!" Victoria pulls her hair again. "Let go of my hair!"

"Bitch you have a weave!" Victoria chuckles and stands as she drags Bethany from her hair, out towards the door.

"Encore!" The boss shouts and I have to suppress myself from chuckling at the crazy fucker.

"Say goodbye slut." Victoria smiles and opens the door and pushes outside.

"I didn't pay for this!" The boss jokes yet again. "Encore!"

"You're a bitch." Bethany scowls.

"No honey." Victoria mocks. "I'm his bitch."

She slams the door shut and turns to face the both of us. Not a single struck or scratch mark is on her skin and I internally give her a stand ovation.

"That's how you take out the trash." she says simply.

Remind me not piss her off.

Zayns POV

His eyes are cunning, as if he can't understand the words I've just said and even though I'm not the type to give much away, it's time to stop these rumors that have been roaming around.


I nod. "It started out a lot different than other people make it out to be." I look down as memories come to mind.

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