Three months later.

"Come on Ally. Stop it." I whine quietly before picking her up and patting her back over my shoulder.

Trisha walks in after a moment and she smiles.

"Happy anniversary son."

I half smile. "Thanks mum."

I swallow down as I leave a small kiss against Ally's head. She's starts to squirm in my arms and I rock her gently to pacifier her.

"The interviewer is here."

I sigh annoyed.

"Why did you force me to do this?!" I question her. My mother shrugs and sighs quietly as I grab the bottle.

"I thought it might have given you closure, son. I'm sorry."

I shake my head in annoyance as I leave a kiss against her cheek. "It's the best and worse situation you've put me in Mum."

"I only want what's best for you, son."

I look over at the fuck head and sigh.

"Yeah and I'm sure he'll have a good pay check at the end of this interview."

Mark invites him in and I greet him at the door.

"You must be Zayn Malik." He smiles. "Neil. it's a pleasure."

"The pleasure is all mine. Um this is my mother, Trisha."

Trisha smiles and shakes hands with her.

"Uh yes. Since I'm a little late, how about we start these interviews."

I nod. "My mother would like to go first. I need to feed my daughter. Eve, will you lead the way to the dining room?"

She nods and smiles before making her way to the dining room. I take Allison upstairs and make my way into the baby room.

Every now and then, I'm hit with memories of Victoria. I miss her everyday and only being with Allison allows me to breathe again

It's our wedding anniversary today.

This time last year, Victoria and I got married.

I wished for a life long love with her and I got the opposite.

I miss her everyday.

I pinch Allison's cheek and smile down at her as she makes little baby noises.


"How old is she?"

"She's three months old." I say confidently.

"It must be hard without her mother around."

I swallow down the bile in my throat. It took me a while to finally announce that my wife had died out to the public.

I had taken Java hut under my own wing, but I had left Victorias name on it.

Now that the media and the public know about her death, I've had interviews coming at me from everywhere. I didn't want to do them but there was only one magazine I'd allow, Forbes.

Only because I knew Victoria wanted me to go through with it. I just needed the extra push from my mother.

What they wanted from me though, was a lot more than I wanted to expose.

It felt almost like a bibliography.

"It was at first. I struggled a lot but I had my own mother there to help me for a couple of days until she decided to let me do things for myself.

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