Chapter 24 - Play time.

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"What?!" I scowl.

Victoria jumps from a fright as the excitement slowly drains out of me from what just happened moments before.

I swallow down the bile.

"What happen?!"

"She was driving to school and this drunk idiot pulled out right in front of her! did Dad call you at all?"

I frown.

"He called this morning- I-" I shake my head. Fuck! "Doniya, I just want to know if she's going to be okay?"

She hesitates and I cup my forehead with frustration. "The impact of the vehicles colliding caused more than just one injury."

"How bad is it?"

She sniffs and I sigh quietly. "She fractured a few ribs and-" her voice cuts out.

"Doniya? Doniya are you there?!"

"Zayn? Is that you?" A new voice comes and even though I'm relieved to hear her voice, panic seethes through me again.

"Mum! What's wrong?! Where's Doniya?"

"I'm sorry. She just needed a breather. I wish you were here son! It was a severe accident."

"How severe?! Tell me!" I ask.

"There was no visible sign of trauma. But the impact of her head colliding against the steering wheel-

"No." I shake my head. "No! But you just said there was no trauma?!"

"Visible trauma, Zayn." She explains. "She was untouched, no blood, cuts or bruises but she wouldn't respond."

I swallow. Waliyha.

My annoying little sister.

"The doctors had found out she had intracranial hematoma, which means a blood vessel had ruptured, causing the blood to form around the brain. she was immediately operated on. She woke up but she wasn't responding." And that's when she starts crying. I close my eyes in pain.

"It's okay Mum."

Victoria faces me this time, her eyes wide with anguish and I take a seat on the chair. She joins me and attempts to comfort me, even when she has no idea what's going on.

"At the moment she's in a temporary vegetative state."

I frown. "What's that?!"

"She's awake but she's not there. A wakeful unconsciousness."

I look down. "Does she have any hope?" I whisper.

"The doctors said it was little but they're doing everything they can."

They better fucking do it!

"Don't cry, Mum. Everything's going to be okay." I can't even convince myself but I hate hearing my mother cry.

"When can you come, Zayn?" she questions, sniffing to herself.

I bite my lip. "I'm in New York Mum-"


I swallow as I hear Yaser.

My posture stiffens.

"One moment." I hear him speak to Trisha.

"Yes?" I reply, my voice tight.

"How long are you in New York for?"

"I can come tomorrow-"

"No. I said how long."

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