Chapter 4

Getting back home seemed like a drag. Either the traffic seemed to be more heavier than usual, or my patience to see Victoria now, was running thin.

But waiting here in the elevator is kind of making me regret forcing Mark to step on it with the speed. I'm contemplating myself if I should tell Victoria about Kayla's encounter. But at the same time, we're already on strange shaky terms, I don't want to make it worse.

I don't even know if she's angry at me.

Making my way through the mahogany doors, I drop my briefcase on the couch and frown momentarily. Where is she?

"Good evening sir." Eve greets me when I walk into the kitchen and I half smile.

"Eve." I greet.

"I have something for you." She smiles and leaves me behind in the kitchen. After a moment, she returns with the white rose that's wrapped around clear cellophane and a white ribbon to secure it.

"She's upstairs." She says. "And some chocolates."

She hands me a small box of chocolates and I roll my eyes.

"Thank you." I say with a small smile.

She smiles proudly and I feel pity inside of me. She's like a second mother. Well, third.

Making my way upstairs and into my room as I frustratedly pull off my tie, I see Victoria on the bed, engrossed on a book of papers that looks quite familiar.

"Hey." I frown and she faces me and abruptly shuts the booklet closed.

I raise an eyebrow.


She looks back down and places the booklet in the side table. "I didn't expect you to be back so soon." She flips her hair over her shoulder as she straightens her posture.

"I got you something." I say, my voice unsure.

Well Mrs Conrad got it for me.

Victoria stands tall and brushes past me with a cold attitude and I grasp onto her hand with confusion.

"Why are you acting like this?" I question.

"Because you told me she wasn't going to be there!" Victoria scowls.

I blink at her. "I didn't say that. All I said was, I didn't know. I was surprised to see her too."

"Yeah and I'm sure you enjoyed her kissing you on the cheek, right in front of me."

I squeeze my eyes shut. "Victoria. Don't."

"What am I suppose to think Zayn? She can give you more than what I can give you?!"

"She can't satisfy me like you can. I want you, and I'm willing to wait. Stop thinking like that." I frown as frustration seeps through me. Cupping her face, I step closer to her and see the resistance in her stance. "I. love. you. Okay?"

Victoria swallows and relaxes her stiff posture.

"Okay." She whispers.

I pull her into a hug and she buries her face into my chest. It feels so reassuring, considering that I haven't held her like this in a while. She's usually pulling away from me by now.

"Let's start again." I murmur, pulling away as my body yearns to cling onto her.

"I got you something." I smile and she looks up at me.

"A white rose?" She raises an eyebrow.

I nod, a small smile on my face as she takes it.

"You seem fond on white roses." Victoria says. "Thank you."

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