Chapter 2

"You want his company. Why? Don't you have Malik transportations." Victoria murmurs quietly as the elevator doors open.

Fucking elevators!

Bad enough I can't control myself around her, but fucking elevators just had to make it worse.

I nod. "Malik transportations is only imported here. Freightlines Is a bigger franchise."

I've been wanting it ever since I saw the amount of ships that go out with all that bulk.

"Why can't you expand Malik transportations?"

"Because one transportation company is never enough." I smirk and she rolls her eyes playfully.

"Who is this guy that you're discussing the deal with then, who is he?" Victoria questions as I open the restaurant door for her.

"Jos Diamond. He's the CEO major of Freightlines enterprise." I explain under a low voice as I search for her hand easily and take it in mine.

"He sounds very important." Victoria mumbles.

Very arrogant, actually.

"He is, and I'm glad you're here." I say honestly.

She keeps me calm. Without Victoria here, I'd be behind bars due to publicly murdering this old bag of bones.

"Anything to be with you." She smiles.

God she's fucking beautiful.

She deserves better, better than me.

My mood dims a little at the sad truth.

Paul Marly, a close business partner of mine approaches Victoria and I as we wait by the stand.

I only just newly took this guy under my wing a couple of moths ago and just by being under the roof of this building, I know he's doing well. A lot better than Ted Turner, Victorias awful excuse of a boss.

He's planning on buying this building off me; and surprise, I'm actually considering it, looking at what he's done with the place.

I like his taste.

"Mr Malik. It's a honour to have you here. Your space is secured and ready for use."

I nod and gently take Victorias jacket off her.

"I thought it was time for a visit since our last meeting." I say bluntly.

"It's always a pleasure to have you here, sir." He nods, a gracious smile falls upon his lips that screams success.

Yeah, keep smiling. I'm the reason why you're even in this building.

One of his assistants takes Victorias jacket from me eagerly before we're led to Mr Diamond and his assistant colleague that looks uncomfortable through every meeting I've had with him.

They both stand as we make our entrance through the grand door.

"Ahh, Mr Malik. A pleasure to finally see you." Mr Diamond greets me first with a firm and unneeded tensed handshake.

"Mr Diamond. I'd like to introduce to you, My partner, Miss Victoria Greene."

"Ahh, Greene. That name sounds familiar."

Victoria smiles fondly.

"You may know my father, Dion Greene."

"Dion Greene? What does your father do?" He questions.

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