Chapter 38 - Fantasy.

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Compared to the actual wedding ceremony, the Grecian hall is completely full.

I peak through the curtains again and Victoria smiles as I turn back to her anxiously and tug on my bow tie.

"There's so many people out there." I murmur.

"It's so weird seeing you so shy." Victoria replies with a smile.

"Mrs Malik, as long as you're by my side when we go out there, I'll be fine." I grab her hand and kiss the back of it. "Did you still want that pizza?"

She nods sadly. "I could eat anything right now."

I peak outside the curtain again and manage to see James. "James! James!" I call out.

He frowns disorientated and searches around the room.

"Over here you douche." I mutter.

James frowns again and turns to our direction and smiles.

I wave him over. "Can you get Ella?"

"Sure, okay. Stay here." James walks off and I turn my attention back on Victoria.

"What are you planning?" Victoria questions.

"We can get some pizza." I shrug.

Frowning, she looks at me as if we were in a middle of a wedding ceremony. I mean, we are but if my wife is hungry, I can leave the party and get her some damn pizza.

It has nothing to do with walking into a crowd of family members and having thousands of eyes on me.

"Really?" She questions.

"You wanted to see me?" Ella walks in from behind the curtain and I turn to face her.

"When are we going out?" I question.

She smiles. "Now."

I look down at Victoria and she rubs my arm affectionately. "I'm here with you." She murmurs.

Ella begins to talk into her ear piece. "After the announcer calls your name, I want you to make your entrance and walk towards your table."

Victoria smiles and I sigh annoyed.

"Honestly babe we could just go to our honeymoon now. We're already married." I shrug.

"Zayn, you'll be fine." Victoria squeezes my hand and pouts her lips. I lean down and kiss her lips as I hear our names.

"Come on then Mr Malik." She smirks.

Because I want her to be happy, I tag along and walk into the crowd of family and friends.

From then on everything was a blur. Speeches, tears and so on. It was something memorable and to think that James actually considers me a friend in the best mans speech, after I threatened when I saw him and my sister together, I was actually pretty shocked.

Right now, I'm standing here with my wife for our first dance. Kiss me by Ed Sheeran softly plays in the background and I remembered the first time I had sang that song to her.

I kiss her forehead and she smiles up at me.

I'm married to this girl forever.

"I was kind of scared of what song you picked." Victoria murmurs after I twirl her around.

Considering that I knew she was uncoordinated, I pulled her back to me before she was stumbling somewhere else.

I start mumbling the words to her, quietly calm in our own little bubble until the rest of the crowd joins us.

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