Chapter 42 - Late.

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-3 days later-

"Oh finally! You're home. Your mothers here." Victoria greets me with a kiss before dragging me towards the kitchen.

I sigh tiredly.

On the bar stool is my mother who stands to greet me with a lip stick stained kiss to the cheek.

"Hi Mum." I murmur.

"Hello son. You look exhausted." She rubs my cheek, attempting to wipe the stain she had made. "long day at work?"

I nod as I sit next to her. My hand instinctively lands on Victorias thigh, then her hand as mine goes searching for something to hold.

"Your Mom was just telling me about their new house they're buying up by Knightsbridge." Victoria fills me in.

"Oh." I gaze at my mother. "That's close to us." I murmur.

"It is."

I frown.

"But I thought Yas- Dad didn't like Knightsbridge." I correct myself.

Trisha smiles. "He's had a change of heart. He's decided to give Saltan another chance."

I scoff. "I wouldn't hold my breath."

"Your father wants to speak to you."

I shake my head. "It's been a month without having him on my back. I don't want to speak to him."

"Maybe you should." Victoria murmurs.

I gaze at her ridiculously and she timidly shies away. "I just want what's best for you."

"You don't know what he said about you." I say, then look back at my mother who looks down.

"Why should I speak to him after what he said Mum?!"

"Because he's your father."

"He's not."

Victoria stands abruptly and coughs. "I'm just going to the bathroom." She murmurs quietly.

I nod, frowning momentarily then gaze back at my mother.

"Well you better be on your best behaviour because he'll be here soon."

I scowl. "Mum!"

"Zayn." She gives me that look.

I pierce my lips together. "Mum, I've had a long day at work. The last thing I want to do is face a man who dose nothing but bad mouths me."

"I would say it's constructive criticism." I hear a voice behind me and I realise it's Yaser.

My blood boils and my hands instinctively fall into ball of fists.

"Zayn." Trisha says warily.

"I love you Mum, but I can't do this." I rise to my feet and turn to face Yaser who's staring at me pitifully. "I don't want to talk to you."

"Zayn, I think you should speak to your father-"

"Father?" I scoff. "In what world does a father wish to die, than to see his own son marry the woman he loves? When I have kids, the last thing I'd want to become is a father figure like him."

I make sure to glare at Yaser who's staring at me intently. I hope that fucking stung.

Trisha bites her lip and looks up at Yaser. "Why can't you two get along like a normal father and son relationship? Is that too much to ask for?!"

Yaser grabs her arm and tugs her. "We're leaving."


"Trisha, I said we're leaving." Yaser murmurs, still holding my own gaze.

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