Chapter 6 - Truth hurts.

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Chapter 6

"This better be important." I dictated.

"It is. Sir, we have a problem at the office." Adriana explains and I sigh as I gaze back down at Victoria.

Her finger distracts me as she trails it over the lips on my chest tattoos.

"What kind of problem?!" I scowl as I switch ears.

Surprisingly, Victoria takes the phone  from me and I frown as she hangs it up, and tosses it to the side. "You said no more." Her voice is quiet.

"Victoria-" she presses her fine to my lips, silencing me and I narrow my gaze at her.

"No." Crawling over top of me, she leaves a teasing kiss below my ear and I clutch desperately onto her waist as she cups my face and kisses my lips.

I take matters into my own hands and hold her closer to my body as I roll over, so I'm topping.

Grabbing her wrists, I pin them above her head with my hands and rectify the teasing as I attach my lips to hers.

She groans quietly, causing the thrilling feeling of what feels like ecstasy to flood through my body but what makes me jolt and pull away, is the horrifying, petrified scream that comes from her mouth.

As my dream world slowly fades, My eyes open suddenly to reality and I blink as my vision adjusts to the darkness and all I hear is Victoria next to me.

I turn the lamp on and grab hold of Victoria as she stirs in her sleep.


She continues to stir, unable to awaken from her nightmare and I shake her gently.

"Re. Baby, wake up."

Panic surges through me and I try again.

"Re!" My voice is louder but she won't respond.

"Come on, Re. Wake up please!"

"No. Zayn!" She screams and my eyes widen. "No!"

"Please, wake up! Victoria!"

After inhaling a gush of air, she finally wakes up. Her eyes wide and dazed from the nightmare. Her panting is heavy, long and unforgiving.

I pull her in a tight hug as she sits in silence. She's completely rigid.

I don't say anything because I've never had a problem with waking her up.

Her body shakes from under me and I pull away to look at her.

"You okay?" I ask quietly.

She shakes her head and buries her face into her hands.

I rest my hand on her back to show some reassurance but she jolts away.

"Please don't touch me." She says, almost frightened.

And I draw my hand back with confusion.

She moves away and shuffles out of the bed in silence. I don't know if I should run after her or let her be. I hate it when she doesn't tell me these things.

But I haven't seen her react this way before.

After debating with myself, I push the duvet off me and pull in a pair of trousers before walking out of the room, and downstairs to Victoria who's gazing out the wall to ceiling window.


She looks over her shoulder and remains silent as she continues to gaze down at the city.

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