Chapter 3

I don't know how I've lasted all these years sleeping alone. Since Victoria happened, just the feel of her body laying next to mine is a sign of reassurance that she's mine, or that we're okay.

But she's not there.

And it worried me through the night about her nightmares that she's constantly been having these past two weeks will consume her without me there.

I even woke up in the middle of the night to check on her, and she was sound asleep.

Perfectly peaceful.

Frowning at the lucid thought, I grab the plain black tie and hook it around my neck before walking out of the room and into Victorias room that she slept in, but she's not there.

Evidence of her presence is here, by the looks of the unmade bed and dressing gown by the sofa.

Maybe she's downstairs?

I check to see if Waliyha is awake and she's not in her room too.

Sighing to myself, I make my way downstairs and slow my pace as I hear the sound of Waliyhas voice followed by Victoria's.

They're in the kitchen.

"It's not that I don't want too. It's just, you feel like something bad is going to happen because that's what's drilled into your brain. You're permanently scarred with something you don't want and it kind of just overpowers what we have." Victoria explains and I frown.

"Well, you looked petrified and scared of my brother from what I saw-"

"You should have been sleeping anyway." I scowl.

Waliyha pulls a face of disgust after recovering herself at my presence. "I came to get a glass of water. I didn't realise you two were making babies. Jeez."

My gaze momentarily flicks to Victoria and she looks down.

"Go have a shower. Ill take you in to get some new clothes." I say annoyed.

Waliyha sighs and takes her bowl of cereal with her in silence. No snarky comments. That's a first?

"Good morning Mr Malik. Would you like your usual breakfast?" Eve questions.

"Please, Eve." I murmur, my eyes never leaving Victoria as I stand opposite her on the other side of the counter.

Why won't she look at me?

"Hey." I say quietly but she doesn't look. "Did you sleep okay?"

She nods. "I slept really well actually."

I frown.

Without me? I felt like commenting but let it past.

"I missed you." I say honestly.

Still no eye contact.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to scare you." I say, the guilt from last night lingering even thicker.

I hate this feeling. If I could shut off any emotion again. Guilt will be on top of the fucking list, right next to butterflies.

If that is, an emotion.

"You didn't." She says above a whisper.

"Stop lying to me."

She stays silent and I sigh as Eve hands me my morning coffee.

I gratefully take a drink from it and place it back down on the counter as I watch her sit in complete silence. She takes last nights pizza from her plate and bites on it before putting it back down.

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