A/N: hiya guys!!

So I have some really good news about cold.

I've finally finished editing meaning you can buy the book!!!

Or the ebook.

Whatever floats your boat.

If you were wanting the link to it, if you go on my profile (for those who are on computer or on a browser) you should see a button underneath my website URL which says profile page.

The button itself is called LULU. It's blue.

Or you could just ask me on here or the @OfficColdSeries twitter account!! They are super helpful with that stuff!!! OHH and You can also ask me on twitter @malikuntland as well xx

The book can be for sale on ibooks but it's taking a while for apple to review. Apparently you have to meet a whole bunch of requirements before they actually accept your book but thats okay. You can still buy the ebook on lulu  as well a hard copy on lulu:)

I really do appreciate it if you do buy this book or ebook because it's going to help me out a lot to save up for Australia!

I've been working my butt off and saving so much but I've had a lot of financial problems and payment issues with my car. I've had a lot of overdue payments and the mechanics have actually bumped up what I owe which sucks because I paid the whole thing in one go.

It's just all a big mess so right now I don't have a lot of money on me to go to Australia and live there for as long as I want too.

I still work but because it's a calm season I'm not getting enough time to save enough money so my other alternative is this!!!

I'm currently looking for a job right now but it's still cool to have a book out right?

Anyway I'm not forcing anyone to buy Cold or buy it as an ebook, you can do this at your own choice!! So please don't feel like you have to!!!

Now I have a question - would you guys like chills to be a book too ?

Thank you so much if you do but my book. It means so much to and even if you don't, I still love you v v much !!!

- Chanel xxx

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