Hiya Chillers, so i have all your questions in and have answered them down below.

Thank you for those of you who have answered! If you don't see your's, I'm sorry!!!

Q1. What inspired you to make a Zayn fanfic & specifically, this type of fanfic?
A.1: Fifty shades of grey was obviously my insipiration. It's mentioned quite a lot in the warning before you read each book. I just love the story and how people can maniuplate submisson to be such a bad thing, but if you're open minded, it isn't that bad. Just the idea of punishment, and obedience gets people nervous and I took that into consideration to show people that it's not partically for sadistic people. It's just a kink. (Not that im into that kind of stuff.)

Q2. How do you manage to make the parts so long and yet it's not half of the book written in it already? 
A2. I don't know. I just get caught up in a chapter and it some how turns out long haha!

Q3. How many words does a chapter have? 
A3. The biggest chapter that I can think on the top of my head in this book is 12 pages. It had 9008 words.

Q4. Will they have a baby?

A4. I don't know? 

Q5. Will this book have a happy ending? 
A5. An unexpected one (;

Q6. Are any of the non-main characters hiding a secret or something dramatic event is gonna happen?
A6. Even if there was something that was going to happen, which is not from any non-main character, I wouldn't say anything. But yeah, no there is no secret from any non-main character. That I know of. Something might pop up but I don't know tbh.

Q7. How many chapters long is the 3rd book going to be?
A7. I don't know.

Q8. Do you plan to make a 4th book? 
A8. This is the one question I always get asked.
Frost bite is the last book:(

Q9. Did you thinkg this series would become this popular?
A9. No, I don't think this series is that popular haha 

Q10. What age do you think your readers are?

A10. Ages 11-22+ whatever. I've met a lot of young readers tbh.

Q11. Do you ever get nervous posting a chapter up?
A11. Yes I do. :/


Q12. Will you ever do a Prequel? Like of Zayns life before?
A12. I don't know I have thought about it before. it seems like a good idea for like a spin off series. I might keep that in mind. You'll never know, maybe i might do that for my next book!

Q13. Who plays the characters? Like, Victoria- nina dobrev. Zayn- himself obviously?

A13. There's so many.
Victoria - Nina Dobrev
Zayn - Zayn malik (;
Amber - Candice Accola
James - Xavier Samuels.
Emma - Charlize Theron
Mark - Coling egglesfield
Eve - Emily Blunt
Ted - Adam Gregory
Devon - Sean Faris
Matt - was some guy on Tumblr, I don't know his name, but I think I've posted up a photo of him, same goes for Crewston/Lucas.
That's all the characters I can think of right now, sorry!

Q14. How old is Mark?
Mark is in his early thirties.

Q15. How long did it take you to get over a thousand reads?"
A15. Not long because I have over 17K followers on tumblr, so that helped a lot. 

Q16. I miss Emma, will she ever come back?
A16. Yes she'll come back briefly.

Q17. How long does it take for you to write?
A17. It really depends what happens in the previous chapter.

Q18. Does Victoria have Bipolar?
A18. She's a bit coocoo at the moment right? So I can see why you'd ask that question. haha! 

Q19. Can you describe Zayn, in your own words. Because he's so hard to understand even when its in his Point of view?
 A19. Zayn is a diffcult person to understand.and it makes it had to explain what is wrong with him, mentally. He's one of those people who you think you know, but he will immediately prove you wrong. To break it down for you, he's never had a proper father from a young age. His birth father was around but was horrible. Yaser, who despises Zayn for his past, is the next influence for him. You can't help but become influenced by the two men who raised him. Zayn is just too hard to explain.

A strong character, with a weak soul.

Q20. I remember when you were writing chills, you had something about Cold being published. where and how did you do that? Can we buy a copy for ourselves?
A20. I'll explain the whole thing. Cold has been published, not publicly. I've done it through a website called lulu.com. It was originally for myself, just to look back on and goo over when I'm older maybe, I don't know just a personal souvenir. But once I posted it up on twitter, a lot of people wanted it for themselves as well. Because people are wanting a book for themselves, I have started editing cold, changing the errors, tweaking things, and I'll be publishing/selling it on that website for those who are interested in buying it. I'll let you know later on when it is ready to be brought.

Thank you for those who have asked questions! I hope i answered all of them, I'm not sure! Sorry if i have missed your's. I'm hoping to update soon!:)

I love you all xxx

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