"Can I get some help!" I burst into the emergency waiting room to find three nurses at the front desk all panicked and staring at me.

They move almost immediately as they see the blood that had accumulated on my shirt from the small trip I've made here from the car.

In my arms carried is Victoria who still continues to lose great amounts of blood as they all rush to my side.

"What happened?" One of the nurses try to remain calm and even though I know it's part of their fucking job to remain calm, it infuriates me more.

"My wife!" I panic as I try to shake her awake. "She's - she's losing a lot of blood-" I can't even explain a simple sentence without wanting to try and wake her up.

They question, And I answer as much as I possibly can. Once I mentioned birth, it seemed to strike some bells.

"Re, open your eyes!" I demand as another nurse rushes over with a wheel chair.

I shake my head as she tries to reason with me, but I don't want to let Victoria go. I look back down at Victoria, who's now looking pale as she tries to open her eyes.


"Sir would you please place your wife in the wheelchair and follow me I'll take you into the ER."

"Everything's going to be okay Re." I murmur as I place her down.

Once I did, the doctors and nurses were quick enough to push her towards the ER and away from me.

I followed behind quickly as small dots of blood were dripping on the floor from her.

What's wrong with her?! Why is she losing so much blood?!

My worry lurks around for a while and I'm unable to think clearly.

"Zayn!" Trisha walks in from the waiting room and my panic continues again.

She came?!

"Mum!" I wrap her in a hug immediately as she continues to rub my back to calm me down.

Considering I'm covered in blood, she doesn't exactly react about it. Thank god she's wearing black.

"What's wrong?"

"She- she lost a lot of blood." I pant.

"Is she haemorrhaging?" Trisha asks, eyes wide.

"What's that?" I frown.

The conversation is cut short when I see a man step out of the room Victoria had went into a few moments ago.

"Is she okay?!" I immediately bombard him and he closes his eyes momentarily.

"Are you-"

"I'm her husband." I say sternly. "What's wrong with her."

"We believe it's a secondary postpartum haemorrhaging."

"Okay. Can you tell me what that is?"

"The mothers blood increases by almost 50 percent during pregnancy and it's natural for her body to lose a fair amount of blood after giving birth."

"Okay?" I frown.

"Your wife however, is one of few woman's to have gone through delay postpartum haemorrhaging. Now a women's body is well prepared to deal with this expected blood loss, but postpartum hemorrhage is a potentially serious condition. Any excessive blood loss can put a woman at considerable risk."

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