51. AE

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(AE - as in alternate ending hahaha)

"Yeah she's just sleeping." I murmur quietly as Eve cradles Allison.

"I was so worried." She replies before she carefully hands the tiny baby to me. "Allison was up most of the night Trisha said."

My heart thuds in my chest momentarily before I smile uneasily at her.

"Re wants to see her. So hopefully that might settle the both of them."

Eve smiles. "I'm glad she's okay, Sir."

I nod. "Me too. We were close to losing her but she doesn't know that. And I kind of want to keep it that way."

Eve hugs me reassuringly and I frown momentarily as I'm caught off guard. I did not expect that.

"I'm glad she came through. Someone up there is looking after her."

I nod. "I agree. Is everything ready at home?"

Eve nods. "Everything is good."

"Thank you Eve."

She nods once before following behind me and into the room where Victoria is.

Eve smiles warmly at Victoria as Victoria sits up.

"Hi Eve!" She giggles before placing her yogurt down.

"Hello Re. I'm glad to see you better!"

"I am! Should be out in a few more hours. Thank god! Did you bring Allison?"

For a moment I wanted it to be just the two of us for a little longer, but I knew Victoria wanted to see Allison as soon as possible.

I walk further into the room and her expression softens.

"Is that my princess?" Victoria whispers quietly. Her eyes soften immediately before her arms reach out for her.

I lay her down in Victoria's arms and take the seat next to the bed as Victoria sits up even more.

"I'll see you when you get home. Dinner should be ready by that time." Eve dismissed herself immediately and I thank her.

"Can you untie my nightie, please Zayn?"

I shift uncomfortably before reaching over and untying the top three ties of her nightie. She shifts and without even disturbing the baby, she manages to pull her arm free out of her sleeve and unclips her bra.

How does she even do that? Knowing my luck I would have probably dropped Allison on the bed.

"Do you need some help?" I frown as I stand.

"It's okay." She murmurs as Allison latches on to her nipple but Victoria uses her shirt to cover herself and Allison's head.

I wince for a bit before sitting back down and leaning on the bed.

Victoria relaxes instantly before biting her lip nervously all of a sudden. A small frown etched between her brows and I skim the back of my hand along her bare arm.

"What are you thinking?" I murmur.

She half smiles. "I'm thinking about what our conversation is going to be like."

"What conversation?" I question.

Victoria swallows. She takes a while to answer and a little thought in my head gives me an idea on what she's talking about. It's a conversation I'm dreading.

"You know." Victoria pauses before looking at me. "About Allison." She breathes.

The air between us becomes a little awkward and I pull my hands away from her and fiddle with Allison's tiny sock covered feet.

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