I'm sorry that it jumps from POV to POV.


I heard a mouthful from Zayn when I mentioned Waliyha and James. Even in the elevator, all Zayn wanted to talk about was Waliyha and James.

I looked up at Zayn tiredly and he kisses my temple before wrapping his arm around me and pulling me closer to him.

The dinner went fairly well. I think the only downside was Zayn glaring James down every moment he got.

"Have you been drinking?" I question quietly.

"Maybe." He smiles cheekily.

Yup. He definitely had a few.

"You look tired, baby." Zayn murmurs quietly.

"Mmm." I nod and close my eyes briefly before saying goodbye to yet another uncle that Zayn hasn't met properly.

"Is he the one with the chihuahua?" Zayn questions as we begin to finally walk out of the restaurant.

"No. He's the one that smokes weed."

Zayn smirks. "I'll have to keep him in my contacts then."

I slap his chest and gape. "Zayn!"

"Ssshhh." He presses his index finger against his lips and sends a real boyish grin down at me.

His smile makes my chest tighten.

God I love him.

"How much did you drink?" I raise my eyebrow suspiciously at him.

Zayn places his finger against his chin. "Hmm let me think. More than enough."

"Too much."

"Yes Miss Greene."

"Naughty boy." I tease.

"Naughty boys deserve to - hey!" Zayn scowls

Suddenly and I frown in confusion.

Trying to figure out where he is pointing, I turn my head and notice James and Waliyha talking.

They're just talking!

"Zayn." I roll my eyes as I place my hands on his chest.


Both James and Waliyha look this time and I mentally slap myself.

Zayns temper when he's drunk isn't one to approach.

"Hands off!" He warns James, pointing the warning finger at him.

"Babe. Just stop." I try to push Zayn back but he isn't going anywhere in a hurry.

"I don't want to see any touchy feel, Blackwood." Zayn says.

Waliyha blushes bright red and covers her face. "We were just talking Zayn!"

"And you can leave it at that!" Zayn spits.

With no effort, he slips out of my grasp and I follow behind as he walks towards the two who looks as if they're going to shit their pants.

Zayn grabs Waliyhas arm but I quickly unclasp his hand from her. "Zayn. Go in the elevator."

Zayn hesitates as he sees the annoyance in Waliyhas face. "No funny shit."

As Zayn reluctantly walks away, I turn back to Waliyha and James and wince.

"You told him?!" James gapes.

"I'm sorry James."

James' gaze widens at me. "Great! Just great, now I'm going to die. Oh fuck."

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