"Hey Mum, how is she?" I question as I close the door to my office.

"I don't know. Everything's still the same. The doctors are going to put her through another MRI scan to see what's going on."

I sigh and play with the pen on the desk. "Are you okay?"

"I'm fine, son. Don't worry about me. How is New York going?"

I half smile. "Productive."

There's a knock on my door and I sigh. "Hang on Mum." I press the phone to my chest and turn around. "Yes?"

Marnie opens the door. "Mrs Jefferies has arrived to see you."

Victorias mother.

I nod. "I'll be with her in a moment."

I press the phone to my ear. "Mum? You still there?!"

"I'm here, Zayn."

I bite my lip. "I have to go. I miss everyone."

"We miss you too, son. I'm so proud of you. I love you sunshine."

I roll my eyes.

"I love you too. Gis' Waliyha a kiss for me, yeah?"

"I will."

I hang up the phone and take a deep breather as I open the door. Walking out, I see Victorias mother and Amber waiting on the couch and I smile.

Why the fuck is Amber here? I keep my composure steady.

"Mrs Jefferies." I greet.

"Oh Zayn, just call me Victoria. You should know that by now." She smiles.

"Amber." I nod at her and she manages to pull a smile.

"How was everything?" Victoria questions with slight excitement.

I sigh. "It was good. Please." I step aside and gesture her and Amber into my office.

I mentally push Amber away so she's waiting out here.

I greet Victorias mum with a hug as she stands with her arms spread wide. When she walks in, I turn to Marnie.

"Call Mark and tell him to pick up Victoria."

I walk inside and shut the door behind me as Amber follows through. The door accidentally hits her and she scowls at me.

"Tori wouldn't stop gushing over it this morning." Victoria says as I offer her to sit down.

Don't remind me about this morning.

After Mark seeing me in a state like that because of Victoria locking me out of the room when I was chasing her, I made a mental note to self not to chase her while I'm naked.

"Tell me about it. God damn. She phoned us as soon as you left." Amber rolls her eyes.

"We're both really happy." I smile but it falls faster than Id hope for when my sister comes to my mind.

Victoria notices it too.

"Are you okay?" Her eyebrow raises with concern and I nod.

"Yeah, I just have a lot to do today. Thats why I think it's a good idea for you to spend time with her before we leave tonight."

"You never really told me why you were leaving so soon. Are you sure everything is okay? You can tell me. After all." She shrugs. "You are my son in law now."

Amber side gazes Victoria with somewhat disgust.

Son in law. Another woman in my life I'm capable of unintentionally hurting.

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