Chapter 29 - The void.

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I could never turn him down when I know he's as irresistible as he is right now. He tells me he can't but the look on his face is different.

I cup his face and kiss him as I push my body off the fridge and against him, hard enough to guide him back towards the bench behind him.

I drop to my knees and fiddle around with the annoying fly and belt of his pants. Zayns hand instinctively falls through my hair, calming my fidgety hands and taking over my."

By now, his dick would be pulsing, hard and wanting more attention but he's still having trouble.

I stand to kiss his plump and swollen lips and stroke my hand up and down his shaft. My insides are bursting in desperation for this and I need him.

I get down on my knees again as I feel his cock hardening, taking a little longer than usual and I take him in my mouth.

The saltiness of his pre cum takes over my mouth as I move up and down his shaft and my tongue tickles the head of his dick.

His hands stroke through my hair affectionately and when I look up at him, his bottom lip is trapped in between his teeth as his eyes furrow together in sexual frustration.

When his dick gradually becomes harder, I take him all in my mouth and his legs tenses and I rest my hands against them.

"Fuck!" He spits through gritted teeth. "Stand up."

Pulling away, he grabs my arm and stands me up before shifting off the bench and hoisting me up on top.

"Lie down." He demands and I do eagerly as he pulls off my knickers.

He leans over my body and plants soft kisses against my neck and then my lips as he glides his dick up and down my pussy lips. I groan softly at his teasing.

"Please." I moan annoyingly.

He smirks down at me. "I'm savouring this."

He continues the onslaught and once he stands to position himself, he lunges inside of me and my eyes widen at the unexpected fullness of his thick dick inside of me.

He grips onto my hips and continues to thrust inside of me; in and out, in ant out.

My breathing becomes erratic as I clench my walls around his dick and he groans quietly as he continues to move inside of me.

The vein in his neck becomes prominent as he strains to keep his rhythm in check and he tights his grasp around my hips.

"Oh my god!" I hear a voice from the distance and I freak when I see who it is.

"Mum!" Zayn pulls out and covers himself before I'm sitting up and frantically pulling my shirt down.

Trisha blinks rapidly and walks away left speechless.

Oh my god.

I cover my mouth with embarrassment and Zayn stares down at me, looking how I feel as he pants with anticipation.

"Oh my god." I murmur through my hands.

He manages to zip his fly up and I shake my head at the prominent hardness in his pants.

"I have to see her."

"After what just happened?!" I gape. "I don't know if I should laugh or feel embarrassed that she just walked in on us."

"I have too." Zayn shrugs, his cheeks flushed. He grabs my face and kisses me and I sigh. "Stay here, baby."

I close my eyes briefly as he continues to his mother and I bury my face in my hands in embarrassment. I don't think I could ever love this down.

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