Chapter 9 - Perfect

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Chapter 9

What I expected coming off this plane, was a thought of a new chapter beginning for Malik enterprises.

But I'm stepping off this plane worried about what the fuck my girlfriend and my sister are doing in hospital!

I couldn't give a flying fuck about my luggage on the plane, but Mark is quick enough to retrieve it and make his way towards the car.

"Fuck!" I curse aggressively as I look down at my phone again. She's not picking up.

"Take me to the hospital." I murmur as I get in the car.

When I tell him to step on it, I know we're driving over speed limit, but I seriously don't care. My mind is unsettled.

God help me if something happened to them.

As soon as we arrive, I get out of the car and make a bee line to the entrance of the emergency room.

"Sir, sir. Can I help you?!" I'm stopped immediately as the lady behind the desk steps in front of me.

"Victoria Greene is she here?"

"I'm sorry?"

"Victoria Greene or Waliyha Malik?!

She frowns. "One moment, I'll check and see for you. Would you like to sit down?"

"No." I huff annoyed as she does her shit on that fucking computer. Can she be any slower?!

"Ahh yes, Waliyha Malik. Are you a-"

"She's my sister! Where is she?!"

"She's okay, what was your name sorry?"

"That doesn't matter. Where is she?!" I scowl.

"She's in the emergency outpatient room-"

"Where's that?!"

She sighs with annoyance.

"If you go down this hallway, turn on your left then right. You should see a set of double doors. I'll let the nurses know you have arrived to let-"

Before she could even finish, I'm making my way to these infamous double doors.

When I push through, the doors are locked, but from the glass window, I see a male nurse on the other side of the door, letting me in.

"I'm sorry sir but-"

"Where's my sister?!" As I look further on, I push pass the nurse to see Victoria. Her face is shocked but she seems to put herself together as I come close.

When my eyes scan what she's wearing, I have to sustain myself.

"Zayn!" She gasps. "How'd you get here?! Why are you here?! Holy shit you were suppose to be in Ireland!"

"What happened?!" I question. "Where's the rest of your clothes?!"

She shakes her head, steadying herself and I grab hold of her. I'm relieved to see her again, but I'm dying to know what's wrong. "Are you drunk?!"

"No-" she half smiles, though it is forced. "I'm sobering." She admits, devastated. "Sorry."

"You were drinking." I blanch. "Where's Waliyha?!"

"Just calm down." She says quietly and takes my hand to lead me the way to Waliyha's room

When I open the curtain, I see Waliyha lying in bed, sipping on a cup of water and she smiles as my eyes magnetise to the giant bandage on the side of her forehead.

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