Chapter 19

Before I even get inside, Shaun is giving me a list of rules that I have to be aware of while I'm in there with the fucker.

It's bad enough I'm even here when I shouldn't be.

"You will be recorded." He continues. "There are absolutely no blind spots, even if you have demanded a private meeting with Mr Anderson. No touching. Every word you have said and have exchanged with him will be listed and be held back for monitoring. You must keep your hands on the table and in the view of our guards to decrease suspicions. Any questions?"

"Can I kill him?"

He chuckles but I'm not joking. Shaun falters and clears his throat as he narrows his gaze at me.

"No you certainly can't kill him, Mr Malik. Unless you want to be an inmate yourself."

"I understand."

The warden smirks. "Now I've done a lot to get you here in such a short notice. You're not on his visitors list. I don't want any funny shit happening in that room and if anything happens, you're out."

I nod.

"Don't make me angry." He threatens and I look at him pity.

You don't scare me.

"Go on." He unlocks the door for me and I gaze back at Mark.

"Stay here."

He nods, pity lingering in his eyes.

My self control tests me when I see him on the other side of the table. His white shirt stained and the yellow and purple ghastly mess around his eyes tells me he's been beaten.

Devon smirks. Such a sinister gesture from him.

"Well look who decided to visit." He starts. "Miss me?"

I roll my eyes.

Still the same sick fuck.

"Prison life hasn't given you discipline?" I shake my head.

He shrugs and sits back in his seat. There's chains around his wrists and I raise my eyebrow as I take the seat opposite him.

"Just living the thug life." He smirks and I roll my eyes.

"I wouldn't be talking so highly, considering that you've been bum fucked more than once, so I've been told."

His cocky smile vanishes and I smirk.

"What are you doing here anyway Malik?" His face remains annoyed. "You couldn't bring the lovely Tori-"

"Mention her name and I'll throw you into solitary myself."

He chuckles quickly and throws his chained hands up. "Okay. Okay. I thought you were just being nice and thought you'd pay me a visit. But you're obviously here for a reason, right?" He raises an eyebrow and smiles, causing the cut on the bottom of his lip to stretch and bleed.

He licks the blood away and I cringe at him slightly.

"One of the detectives in London has filled me in with a few confessions that you made. Starting with, The Java hut incident." I raise my eyebrow. "What was that all about?"

"Well, all that has already been said and done."

"There's a lot of things you've done to my ex's." I made sure not to say submissives. Since this conversation is recorded, I have to keep a lot of things to myself, especially when it comes to bdsm. Any sign of that here, and they'll consider it human trafficking. Fuck that. I just hope he doesn't say anything.

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