Chapter 14 - Unforgiven.

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Chapter 14

She sits there shell shocked and I have to think twice of what I'm going to say next. What the fuck do I say?!

And why does she looks so fucking surprised.

She's taking a while to answer. Maybe trying to think of an excuse.

"The silence is already giving me an answer Victoria!" I murmur quietly as my anger comes under mere control.

Victoria shakes her head and looks away, down at her hands that are still for once and not fidgeting.

"Speak!" I hiss.

She shrugs her shoulders as if she can't think of anything to say. "I didn't- I- I wouldn't think to d- do that." She stutters and I frown, my patience waring thin.

"So it wasn't you who happened to have a pin in this draw?!"

"No!" She shakes her head, fear anguish and pain flashes through her eyes momentarily before she looks down again.

"I wouldn't do that to you." Her voice is kitten soft and I slowly start to feel guilt.

I'm stuck between believing her or proving my suspicions real.

I've been aware that she's more eager than usual. I've noticed the first few times we had sex agin, she hated the fact I was using condoms and now she's suddenly thrusting them in my face.

When I don't use a condom, I know to pull out before I even think about climaxing inside of her because I'm not stupid.

If I wanted to have a fucking baby, I wouldn't have pulled out in the shower. I would have came inside of her.

I'm not fucking stupid.

"Then where the did this come from?!" I question annoyed, confused and fucking frustrated again.

"I don't know?! It might have been Amber." She shrugs and grabs my hand which I think is pretty fucking brave for her to touch me so soon. "Believe me. Please. I know I want one, but not like this. I couldn't do that to you." She shakes her head and I frown as I hold her gaze.

She stares directly at me and I close my eyes and let out the breath I had no idea I was holding.

My mind is telling me something isn't right but my full trust is engraved in her.

I'm not going to question her any further when I feel like I've hurt her by accusing her of something I'm not even sure she's done.

I swallow and squeeze her hand as I close my eyes with relief.

It doesn't feel right.

"I'm sorry. Baby." I murmur. I wrap my hand around her head to pull her down to my chest and kiss her forehead and she instinctively wraps her arms around me for reassurance. "I'm sorry." I whisper again as if she couldn't hear me the first time.

"It's okay!" She shifts so she's facing up at me and before she could reach up to kiss me, I squeeze my arms around her to stop her and she strains. Sitting immobilised in my arms, I lean down and kiss her lips softly and she narrows her gaze at me before trying to free herself.

I lay down on the bed, pulling her along with me and sigh loudly.

Her hand rests against my chest as she props herself up on the elbow to look down at me and I close my eyes.

Immediately, my mind is haunted with unwanted thoughts, except it's not about my past as a young abandoned child. It's about Victoria and her need for a baby.

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