For the first time in a while, Victoria was awake before I was. I opened my eyes and placed my left hand up in the air to see my wedding band.


I don't think I'll get use to this.

I smile to myself like some fucking girl before pushing the heavy duvet off me and stretch out my weak limbs. Standing to my feet, I pull off the duvets in search for my phone.

Fuck it, I'll look for it later.

I grab a pair of underwear from my suitcase and pull them on as I walk into the kitchen to find Victoria in nothing but her silk gown. I smirk down at her as she continue's on stirring whatever it is in the frying pan.

Wrapping my arms around her, I leave a kiss against her neck before nuzzling her. "Good morning Mrs Malik."

She giggles and turns around to wrap her hands around the back of my neck.. On her tip toes, she leaves a kiss against my lips and I smirk down at her.

"I like this glow on you." I smile.

"I am so happy. Perfect morning, Perfect husband and, perfect breakfast. Scrambled eggs and pancakes."

I scoff teasingly. "Good old pancakes eh?" I raise my eyebrow.

"First breakfast together as husband and wife." Victoria murmurs.

"I can think of a better breakfast."

She rolls her eyes. "After last night, all I want to do is rest, I'm really sore."

I smirk. "That's good."

She gives me that look.

"I had to take the moring pill." Victoria show's me the small capsule. "Because you didn't use a condom."

"Right." I half smile and shrug it off as I make my way around the bench to see a whole bunch of flowers. "What are these for?"

"Flowers from Ted and a few other's who couldn't make it yesterday. Oh and!" Victoria frolicks her way over to a heart shaped box. "Chocolates!"

She brings the box over to me and I kiss her before looking insid the box. "Oh caramello."

Victoria looks up at me. "You like caramel?"

I nod. "love it."

She smirks and hovers her hand over the selection of chocolates before grabbing a square one.

"What's that one?"

Victoria shrugs. "I don't know. It's chocolate. Did you want breakfast now?"

I nod and rub my stomach. "I'm starving. All that sex has given me appeitie."

She nods. "I agree."

I shake my head and grab the syrup, cream and butter from the bench that she already had lined up and placed it on the table.

"Mark came by earlier and asked if you were needing him today."

I sigh. "I'll give him a call. I'm just getting my phone."

Searching through the sheets, I finally managed to find my phone which was underneath the pillow all along.

My publicist was the first person I noticed on my caller log.

I called her almost instantly.

"Hi Zayn. Congratulations on your marriage."

"Nostalgia." I greet monotoned.

Nostalgia clears her throat after apologising.

"I have a few articles needing to be confirmed with your name written all over it about yesterday's wedding, ahh and Forbes is still waiting for an answer."

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