Chapter 15

You'd think I'd be use to the room spinning every morning when I woke up, but I guess I'm still affected by the alcohol.

With a raging boner that feels bigger than the Eiffel Tower, I know for a fact that last night must have been a good night.

Last nights memories is just a black screen. I can't remember anything.

My chest is covered with a hand and a head laid against me. I frown.

I don't like this at all.

If anything, it makes me fucking uncomfortable.

She can't have been that good.

I sit up finally and detangle myself from the naked girl in my bed and stretch as my stomach feels uncertain.

She groans in her sleep, and just seeing the fresh whip marks on her back makes my dick twitch a little more.

I take back what I said as I smirk down at her half naked body, just her butt covered with a thin layer of sheet.

I check the time on my phone. Shit. I need to wake her up before the folks get up.

Calling a taxi for her was easy, I wouldn't be surprised if the company made me VIP. It's almost everyday I'm calling for one.

I tap her arm a few times and she stirs in my bed.

"Get up." I scowl.

After a moment she awakens. Her hair, messier than her make up that's smeared on her face.

She looks like she'd be crying.

But I couldn't care less. If I saw her crying I would have licked the tears away.

Innocent tears of a slut.

Pulling on a pair of underwear, I grab my wallet from the shelf and sigh.

"Here." I throw a few notes on the bed and without a word, she quickly grabs the money and scurries to pull her clothes on as I light a cigarette.

Before she could even say thank you, I'm sending her out before Yaser fucking wakes up.

But she's so fucking loud.

I close the entrance door and I roll my eyes when I see the fuck head standing at the top of the staircase.

"Are you okay son?"

"Don't act like you fucking care." I roll my eyes and Yaser looks down as I walk up the staircase. My head pounding with each step that brings me closer to my saviour, my just fucked on bed.

"What time did you get home las-"

"Why does that matter, I'm here now aren't I?!"

"You're on curfew, Zayn. We were worried about you."

"I'm 18! I'm sure I can take care of myself. I've pretty much raised myself anyway." I scowl. "Just let me fucking be, man."

Yaser sighs and I walk past him annoyed.

"Please get some rest, son. We're having dinner with the Diamonds tonight along with some of my other work colleagues."

"Whatever." I slam the door shut and collapse on my bed. But I can't sleep.

Once I'm up, I'm up.

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