Chapter 26 - Problem.

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Three weeks have past since I returned from
New York.

Three weeks since I last saw Waliyha.

Three weeks since I had anything to do with my family.

Three weeks since I've had sex because I can't seem to get it up.

But that's not the problem for once.

I'm worried about losing my family again.

I've been through this before. Yaser has left me out of the family. But its different now.

Waliyha is hospitalised.

It's a new situation but he still refuses to let me see her.

I get in the car and sigh as Victorias hopeful gaze stares at me.

"Well?! You were gone for a while-"

"He was still there." I murmur annoyed.

She sighs sadly and grabs my hand. "You'll see her soon. I know you will."

"I doubt it."

"Have you heard from your Mom?"

I shake my head.

I haven't even spoken to her. None of them even know I'm in engaged to Victoria.

"Re." I swallow. "I have to stop taking these pills."

I pull out my phone and call my mother, but it goes straight to the answer phone.

"Why?" She frowns in confusion when I look at her.


"Zayn!" She points out the window and I frown as I turn to see Yaser walking out of the hospital.

My eyes widen. "I'm going in." I open the door and make my way towards the entrance as Yaser leaves. On my left is the gift shop and I hesitate.

The thought occurs to me for a moment but I can't help myself. I buy something for her, most likely just to piss Yaser off and let him know I was here while he was out.

When the lift finally hits the floor ICU is on, I approach the same lady at the desk that I saw a few weeks ago.

"Sir, I'm sorry-"

I grab the bundle of money from the inside of my jacket and place it on the desk.

"Two thousand pounds. It's yours if you let me go. I know he's not in there. Can you bring me a vase?" I walk away and as I approach the room, I notice she's not following after me.

Taking a deep breath, I walk into the room and see Waliyha. She looks the same, but I do notice there is less monitors around her.

Beep. . . beep.

God I hate heart monitors.

A nurse brings in a vase for me and I take it from her. "Thanks." I murmur. "Um, what's happened with her these past few weeks?"

I fill the vase up with cold water and slip the flowers inside before placing it on the side table.

"She's recovering rapidly. The doctor is wanting to move her down into the patients ward and out of ICU. However, she's in a deep sleep. Will you please press the buzzer if she does awaken, so we can monitor a few things to fasten who already speedy recovery. She's able to breathe on her own again which is great news."

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