Chapter 27 - Relax.

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Nobody will understand how much relief it is to finally have sex after three weeks.

Not only am I having trouble getting it up, but I can't even climax. After three orgasms that Victoria managed to reach, I finally reached mine.

I'd be surprised if Victoria woke up fine, because I wore her out; big time.

I face Victoria who is sound asleep and wrapped up snugly in the bed sheet, gloriously naked. As usual, she's snoring softly and I roll my eyes before pressing the intercom. "Can I have the usual breakfast up here. We're in bed." I murmur.

"Yes sir." Eve replies and I half smile.

Saturday. The only day I get to relax.

I glide my finger along Victorias collarbone and she exhales after mumbling to herself.

If it wasn't for these side effects, I would still take these antidepressants to make her happy. I know I'll scare her once the pills ware off, but that has got me thinking.

Am I that bad?

I sigh quietly before frowning and look back down at her, only to realise she's awake and staring at me.

A smile falls through her small lips. "What are you thinking?"

I stop myself from frowning. "I'm just thinking about the antidepressants." I smirk. "How are you feeling?"

She shifts her legs and screws her nose. "After last night, I'm sore."

I smile. "Good. I like it when you're sore."

She rolls her eyes playfully and frowns. "What's the time?"

"Almost 11 in the morning, sleeping beauty."

She frowns and turns to reach for something in the top draw; The pill. Victoria lays down and takes the small pill in her mouth without water.

I frown.

"Is that okay for you to do that?"

She nods. "Amber has done it and she's fine."

"I just don't want you to choke, that's all." I pull her close to me and there's a knock on the door.

I smile and push the duvets off to get out of bed. I stretch my limbs and Victoria whistles through her teeth. "Nice ass Malik."

I roll my eyes and pull some sweats on before answering the door.

"Good morning, Mr Malik."

"Eve." I greet as I take the tray off her. "Thank you."

"And your mail is in the tray draw from yesterday." She smiles and closes the door as I walk back towards the bed.

Victoria sits up as I place the tray on the bed.

"Bed in breakfast!" Victoria smiles.

"You mean breakfast in bed?" I chuckle and she mocks me.

"Same thing." She murmurs before grabbing a piece of toast. I kiss her cheek and sit beside her as I grab the mail from the draw.

I give Victoria hers and she thanks me as I go through mine.

"Saturday mail? That's weird." Victoria murmurs.

"This was from yesterday." I say and she nods as she flips through them.

I decide on going through mine soon, right now I'm hungry.

"Zayn." Victoria murmurs.

I look at her and she flashes the envelope at me.

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